Roster King

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The Roster King is a evil net.hero created by Jamas Enright.
Alter Ego:
Primary Writer: Jamas Enright


When Fan.Boy got lost in Net.ropolis, he somehow wandered into another world, the Rosterverse. There, the tyrannical Roster King ran an authoritarian LNH that imposed their vision of order upon the Earth. When his second-in-command, Faq Boy, tried to use Fan.Boy as his ticket out, he had them both executed.


Cruel, controlling, and self-obsessed, with a megalomaniacal sense of his own importance and grandeur.

Powers and Abilities

Has the ability to edit his LNH's roster, giving him nearly-complete control over its members.


A six-foot-seven figure crowned with white hair, whose face often wears a sneer. His suit is predominantly white, with red boots and blue gloves.


Fan.Boy #5 listed his Classic Looniverse counterpart as both Master Roster Man and List Lad; it's possible that he is the counterpart of another character altogether.