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Ultimate Ninja spoke up. "They're trying to take over the Drizztsat and put us under arrest!"
"On what charge?"
"Suspicion of possibly being sorta bad guys," Furry said. At everyone's unbelieving stares, he said, "Hey, SHIELD gets away with it all the time..."
Continuity Champ and the Drizzt's Defenders #0

SCORE (Supreme Command of Retrograde Eavesdroppers – Ed.) is a spy-fi government agency operating in the Classic Looniverse that deals with net.ahuman issues, among other things. Its director is Nick Furry. Dodo Dugan is second in command; other named SCORE agents include Ramirez, Geurink, and Perler.

Agents of SCORE were ordered to arrest the LNH around the time of Pocket Man and Organic Lass's wedding.