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The VerminMACs are a team of vicious, voracious RoboMACs. A subgroup of the MAC Empire, they have the shared ability to create swarms of hunrgy robots.


Art by Dave Van Domelen, 3/21/94.
  • Jimmy da Roach: Well-armored and treacherous, with the demeanor of a street hustler. Cockroach alternate form.
  • Zzermer: An epicurean slacker with acid spittle and size-changing abilities. Housefly alternate form.
  • Uppercut: She tanks the Guardians, and afterwards, feasts on human flesh. Praying Mantis alternate form.
  • Ratatouille: A former human, his role is advance scout and his identity is rat. Rat-like Thing alternate form.
  • Siphonnn: The best fighter of the group, dipping her proboscis equally in oil and blood. Mosquito alternate form.
  • Swarm: He creates the most clones – and feasts the most gluttonously! Locust alternate form.


The VerminMACs were born when Firebrand discovered the means by which a RoboMAC could clone itself. Experimenting on outcasts from the Wasteland, he found that they needed an alternate energy source to maintain the clones – and realized (or, rather, his assistant realized – shhhh) that the human crops MACE targeted for destruction would make an excellent fuel source.

During the Robot Invasion, the VerminMACs were sent to make just such an attack against the Looniearth. Particle Man and Constellation went up against them, but when PM saw Uppercut devouring an innocent bystander, he snapped, creating an inferno that forced them to retreat – and destroyed the farm they'd been attacking...

Powers and Abilities

The VerminMACs have the standard abilities of RoboMACs, including the ability to change between a humanoid form and another; in their case, scaled-up versions of pest animals. All of them (other than Uppercut) can swarm, creating temporary copies of themselves with simple drone intelligences. As well, both they and their swarms have the ability to power themselves using biomass, along with the standard RoboMAC power source of neutrino sieves. The swarm must eat constantly to maintain itself.