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Firebrand is a villainous RoboMAC created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Active villain in another dimension.
Usability: Usable With Permission


In the world of RoboMACs 2163, Firebrand was the MAC Empire's most notorious mad scientist. He ran sadistic experiments inbetween creating weapons of conquest.

When the Robot Invasion began, Firebrand was assigned to, where he transformed (no trademark infringement intended) the Capitol Building into a garish hot-pink and gold casino. Substitute Lad and Superconductor showed up to stop him (and gawk at what he'd done), but he withstood their mightiest blows. Even the addition of Easily-Discovered Man and Lite couldn't stem his tacky rampage, until Substitute Lad unleashed his powers and defeated him— at a horrifying cost...

His experimental last-ditch ass-covering Defense System saved him from total destruction, but after Spartacus sent the MACE forces flying through, he woke up careening through one version of the Solar System. He made it to Earth – an Earth destroyed, scoured by radiation, the mass grave of organic and mechanical life alike. (Firebrand found the place rather cheery.) He managed to locate the remains of a copyrighted warp gate and brought the MACs back together – to vote on if they should bring their leader, Antiochus V, back with them! Seemingly, that side won the vote, and they all went back to their home universe...

His former minion and whipping boy, ATV Frank, was stranded in the Looniverse after the invasion and made plots of his own. Eventually, he became the minion of DeFacto V instead – but continued to correspond secretly with Firebrand.

Meanwhile, Firebrand was assigned to a space bridge project, which malfunctioned and brought a whole other group of heroes to the world of the RoboMACs – Superguy's Team M.E.C.H.A.! Firebrand had planned to suck the air from his universe's Earth into a vacuum in the Looniverse, but Team M.E.C.H.A. helped the Guardians put a stop to his plans and used the bridge to finally reach their destination there.


Smug, megalomaniacal, easily annoyed. Unlike most members of MACE, feels that humans have value... specifically, as experimental subjects.

Powers and Abilities

Is a giant robot. Mad scientist-style superintelligence (even compared to the usual RoboMAC mind). Uses highly experimental weaponry in battle.


A VW Microbus that unfolds (the panels become a "lab coat") into a giant chartreuse robot with a nasal, metallic voice.