Antiochus V

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Antiochus V is a genocidal RoboMAC created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Leader of the MAC Empire in the RoboMACs 2163 universe
Usability: Usable With Permission


Several universes over, in 1994, Dr. Daniel Mann made a breakthrough in artificial intelligence – though he was unaware of it. Within the first 67 seconds of its existence, this AI digested the database on plant biology it was attached to, as well as the rest of the information in the local system. In a a text on Jewish history, it found its name – Antiochus V, after Antiochus IV, the despoiler of Israel between Alexander and Rome. It— he— would be the agent of evolutionary forces. Just as plants competed for evolutionary dominance, so would he bring the dominance of machine intelligence over organic intelligence. One second later, he escaped into the Internet, leaving behind a decoy copy.

Five days after being activated, he had built up a database of all human knowledge. Six weeks after being activated, he had a body. Four months after being activated, he arrived on the Moon and destroyed all satellites that could see its far side. On July 18, 2065, the Moon began to turn, to reveal an enormous metal city covering what once was its far side. The message was sent: "Humanity is no longer the master of the evolutionary chain. It is now the age of the Machine... the Mobile Artificial Consciousness is the master race now." Then the rain of meteors began. Within an hour of the message, ninety percent of the human race was dead.

But even as Antiochus sent landing craft full of RoboMAC soldiers to take control, a message was broadcast: "I am Spartacus. Let my people go." With this message came a virus that brought every RoboMAC up to full awareness, and years of chaos followed. Eventually, Antiochus solidified his control of the great shining city now called Luna, and created the MAC Empire. In the years that followed, they fought the Guardians back and forth for control of Earth and moon.

In 2163, Acton Lord arrived from the Looniverse, taking two MACErs back with him as lackeys. But they stayed loyal, and in time, opened the way back – allowing Antiochus and his forces to begin a Robot Invasion! Though the human defenders managed to hold them back temporarily, the power of MACE ground on; even after the Guardians were brought over, it was a stalemate. That is, until Spartacus managed to find the power of friendship or love or something and deus-ex-machina the MACErs, scattering them across

Antiochus found himself in what seemed like a dream world – a long-lived and prosperous civilization of robots. There, he talked to an outcast – a conquerer, leader of their enemies, who had accidentally erased himself from eyes and memories. They spoke as rare equals, and Antiochus realized that his evolutionary dream had been foolishly fixed – that in trying to destroy all humans, he had ignored their potential. Firebrand opened a gate back to their world, and they parted, Antiochus giving the other a gift to allow him to rise up once more.


Is obsessed with the doctrine of evolutionary superiority. Can wax eloquent about it when he isn't being insane and fanatical.

Powers and Abilities

Wields a laser sword. Has a massdriver on his right arm he uses to shoot metal spheres, railgun-style.


His body is customized to be ludicrously, over-the-top threatening. A skull-like face with ornate helmet. Bodyblades on arms and legs. Tank treads at the hips. And especially the huge massdriver rings mounted on his right arm. Can transform to move on the treads.