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Video Victor is a net.hero created by Sean Givan.
Alter Ego: Victor
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Sean Givan
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


When Victor was a small baby, his parents died in a horrible accident, and he was left in his uncle's care. When he was playing his uncle's old copy of Pong, he was struck by lightning and sucked into the Video Multiverse.

He grew up and became the Protector of the Video Multiverse, battling evil bosses to protect its people. But after he defeated the final boss, his uncle found him and revealed his origins. He returned to his world of birth, the Looniverse, and joined the LNH.

He spent a fair amount of time alongside Kid Kirby, joining in the battle against Dimwiticus and visiting the Internet RACelestial Complex with Sing-Along Lass. But when game enemies started appearing in the LNHQ, Victor realized his presence was weakening the dimensional barriers between the Looniverse and the Video Multiverse, and returned to the other world to protect both.

When Doom-Monger arrived in the Looniverse, Video Victor returned, revealing to the new arrival that he was a denizen of the Video Multiverse who was being prevented from returning there. Using Doom-Monger's medical readings, Kid Kirby created a belt that allowed Victor to stay in the Looniverse without danger. He attended Sig.Lad's funeral, but it's not been seen what he did next...


Consistently helpful and friendly. Relates to the world in game terms, and peppers his speech with that terminology.

He absolutely hates to watch Captain N: The Game Master.

Powers and Abilities

Video Victor is a hybrid human/video game character who conforms to the reality of the video game universe, and as such has abilities such as power-ups, 1up usage, and finding strange warp zones and secret levels where no-one might suspect such things to be. He also has access to the hardware and resources of miscellaneous games.


Not described, as far as I can find.


His uncle George serves as his mentor.