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Arcania is a space witch created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Arcania
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Former member of Teenfactor, member of the Uprising of Net.Villains
Usability: Free for use


Arcania was the princess of the Arcanians, an all-female alien race with vast mystical powers who exist in a mysterious other dimension. In the 1970s, Arcania negotiated a peace treaty between Earth and several other dimensions. In 1978, she was recruited by government agent Mister Smith to protect Earth from the Yuritag, and joined together with a group of other heroes: the 999 Fonts Wizard, Gummy the Superdentist, Alias the Red Coat, The Invisible Voice, and Mister Smith himself. She traveled to Alt.lactus's ship to find the Ultimate Dullifier and destroy the Yuritag once and for all. But this came with a terrible price: it would drain the life force of the Arcanians. Having wiped out her own people, Arcania was overcome with despair and tried to freeze herself to death in the Antarctic.

Decades later, she unfroze with no memory of who and what she was. She was found by Teenfactor and became a valued member of their team. Before long she discovered that some of the Yuritag were still alive, having enslaved the surviving Arcanians and used them to power their god. Arcania had to destroy them again in order to stop the Yuritag once and for all, but this time she did not give in to despair because she had friends.

Arcania became Samuel Terrence Forge's babysitter and drew close to Teenfactor's instructor, Mylar Man, AKA Martin Mylar. (At this point she was well over 50 years old, though she appeared younger.) After Jennifer Frost's death, they retired together.

Continuity Note

Since Amabel Holland has elswhirled the original Teenfactor series, some of the above information may no longer be in-continuity. However, Arcania has shown up in stories by other authors as a former member of Teenfactor, so she clearly has some history with the team.


Arcania was not seen for a long time thereafter, though she presumably joined with the other survivors of Teenfactor to battle the zombie Gerald Ford.

By the time Martin returned to his old net.villain career, they had gotten married. After he got involved in the War of the Brotherhoods and the battle against Simplicity, Arcania joined the Uprising of Net.Villains to keep an eye on him.


Kind and introverted. She had difficulty adjusting to Earth, and by the time she became involved with Martin Mylar, she still hadn't learned to read any Earth languages.

Powers and Abilities

Arcania has access to powerful magic, and has tended to cast spells based on nature, especially summoning the mystic thunder. Under no circumstances should she be allowed to drive.


A red-haired woman with fishnet stockings.