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Barkseid is a dark lord of the New Dogs created by Amabel Holland. See also Flipseid.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Ruler of Apoochcalypse, would-be invader of Loonivearth
Usability: Free For Use


On a dark, evil planet called Apoochcalypse there rules a dark, evil canine deity named Barkseid. Years ago, he exchanged his son with that of the Rye-Father of New Caninis, where he was raised as Napoleon 6.

He plotted to invade Loonivearth, sending the Rampaging Elephant to capture Lilly Paschall and transform her into the cosmically-powered Merrax the Maimer. He sent out his son Kalibark to capture Mister Mediocre, but he was repelled by the LNH Friends. But this was actually a trap, as this version of Mister Mediocre was actually an evil clone of the Ultimate Ninja.

Working with the Clone of the Giant Sewer Rat, he used his nebulous space god powers to retcon the Ninja's past to remove the character development wReam added at the end of his original series.

The Ninja came to Apoochcalypse with Lilly to battle him. Barkseid claimed that luring them there had been his plan all along. He killed Ultimate Ninja and his allies; Lilly then fully channeled her power, becoming Groundswell and killing him, but when she resurrected his enemies he had to be returned to life as well.

Presumably, he is still plotting to invade Loonivearth to this day.


If Flipseid is the all-corrupting force of cosmic evil Darkseid portrayed by Kirby and Morrison, then Barkseid is the kind of goofy supervillain Darkseid from less distinguished storylines. He is always making plots and sending people to invade Earth for him, which never works out. Has contempt for all his subordinates.

Powers and Abilities

Barkseid weilds divine cosmic canine power, giving him enough strength to (temporarily) kill Ultimate Ninja. While not on the level of Flipseid, he possesses power that allows him to retcon the pasts of his enemies, as he did to the Ninja.


A half-German shepherd, half-Irish setter dog with a rocky, textured body. Notably, he does not appear to be a humanoid dog, just a regular dog with cosmic powers.


His son is the warrior Kalibark, who he can't stand.


His relation to Flipseid is unknown. Saxon Brenton questioned whether he was "a different entity from Flipseid, or just some type of hypostasis."