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CAPTAIN CAPITALIZE is a net.hero created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Otto Murphy
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Free For Use


Joined the LNH a few months before Cry.Sig. Nearly died during Flame Wars II, but was revived by Sing-Along Lass in an obscure rip-off of Peter Pan.

He was kidnapped and cloned by the Dunce Circle, who'd been under the impression his powers would tell them what trends to capitalize on. They added cybernetic circuitry to stabilize the clone, creating CAPSLOK!

<fill in more>


Bold and dynamic, even if he is a few keys short of a keyboard.

Powers and Abilities

ALWAYS CAPITALIZES EVERYTHING plus flight and superstrength. His powers are connected to the Net.Element of Punctuation.

He does not have the power to capitalize on trends, despite what the Dunce Circle thought.


Like Superman, but with a different color scheme and chest logo. Red and yellow with a big "C" on his chest. Tall and well-built.


Alternate-universe counterparts include Shift of Looniverse-Dantalion.