Crime Empress

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The Crime Empress is a net.villain created by Lalo Martins and Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Melissa
Aliases: Vector Crime, Vector Prime
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Living virus, former head of the Crime Empire, former leader of the West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains
Usability: Not Reserved


After the Crime Empire popped up during the 58.5 weeks of Infinite April, rumors floated around about its mysterious Empress. Eventually, it was revealed that it was an upgraded Vector, who had been freed by Paraddox to help stop the Meta-Gods From The 13th Dimension, and founded the Empire alongside him. She fought both against the LNH and New Misfits, and alongside them during the invasion of the Evilverse Legion.

After she fought against another Vector (possibly Vector Sublime), with each claiming they were the original, Paraddox revealed that neither was; both were clones, and the original had been cured and was living far away. Processing this information, the Empress allowed herself to be captured by the New Misfits – but not for long...

Outside of continuity, she took over the 2013 RACCies. But her next in-continuity appearance was when she swept in and took over the leaderless West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains. She took over the organization, whipping it into shape as a (relatively) tight, (sort of) disciplined crime cabal, and set her sights on greater things – conquering the criminal sphere of the Pacific Rim by taking over the Trans-Pacific Plunderbund!

There was only one thing to distract her – the West Coast Brotherhood's back-and-forth power-plays against the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains. So she hatched a plan to take care of them permanently, and let her Brotherhood stand alone!

But she didn't expect a third player in the game of Brotherhoods, or that her chosen favorite, Lucky Chain Letter Lucy, was playing on their side! Despite her cunning and power, she was defeated and locked away; but one of her sisters came to free her...


The Crime Empress is imperial, calculating and devious, with a distinct megalomaniacal streak.

Powers and Abilities

The Crime Empress sometimes (seemingly at random) wakes up with a new set of powers. These powers reflect trends in Internet viruses, worms, trojans, scams, and spam; for example, during the first wave of pharmacy spam, she developed the biochemical powers that modified Paraddox's mind.


A tall, buxom redheaded woman. In the days of the original Crime Empire, she often dressed in a skintight leather catsuit. When she first took over the Brotherhood, she wore a military-styled outfit in black and red; later on, she wore a sparkly black sequined dress and a large top hat with the word "CRIME" written on it.

She speaks with a British accent.