Faq Boy

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Faq Boy is a net.hero created by Jamas Enright.
Alter Ego: Allen Knewbee
Aliases: FAQ Boy
Primary Writer: Jamas Enright
Status: Semi-unofficial member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Rosterverse LNH
Usability: Not Reserved


Grew up in an alternate dimension as a member of that dimension's LNH, under the leadership of the tyrannical Roster King. When Fan.Boy (his alt.ernate self from the Classic Looniverse) arrived, Faq Boy was able to escape with him back to Fan.Boy's LNH, where Faq Boy took up the job of LNH FAQ keeper.

After Fan.Boy became the Net.Elementalist, Faq Boy was put into Generation Z, to learn how to fight bad guys without relying on the fear that his original LNH created.


A charming, manipulative asshole, but hates seeing people hurt.

Powers and Abilities

Can answer Frequently Asked Questions. LNH custodian for the FAQ. Can summon paper copies of the FAQ.

While Fan.Boy had his original powerset, Faq Boy shared his ability to come back from the dead; however, he put himself in situations where it would be useful (i.e. potentially lethal ones) far less often.


Faq Boy wears black spandex, with a white and green striped belt. He has the letters "F" and "B" on either side of a 'no questions" logo.


Fan.Boy is his counterpart from the Classic Looniverse.