Lord Ebon

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Lord Ebon is a dark mage created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Baron Iago Montessi
Aliases: Bennett Rush, Chesspiece Face
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Deceased, caught in a time loop
Usability: Reserved


Iago Montessi was an alchemist of some accomplishment in medieval Italy who discovered the secret to immortality. Unfortunately, the use of this secret involved going into a transformative coma, during which he was mistaken for dead. And buried.

For six hundred years.

He emerged as the insane Lord Ebon, who saw death as the true life. On the Curseworld, he possessed the body of the President of the United States, using both mystical and political power to maintain the curse that was corrupting the world. Mages of that world summoned Constellation, who brought in the Raiders, and together, they broke his power, warded his spirit and dispelled the curse.

Lord Ebon abandoned that world and followed Constellation into the Usenetverse for revenge. He discovered new sources of power among the net.elements. Slowly, he insinuated his way into Chesspiece Face's body and mind, using his power and taking him over bit by bit. He sent a squad of net.elementals to attack LNHQ, and while Constellation was distracted, slew They Might Be Villains. But he underestimated both Constellation's power and his rage, and was bodily destroyed by the formation of They Might Be Villains Mountain.

His spirit floated until Looniverse Adrift!, where he schemed to possess Doctor Killfile's comatose body and use the loose natural law of the Looniverse to conquer the entire Internet. Unfortunately, this was just when Master Workload had the same idea, and attacked alt.comics.lnh with intent to destroy the Looniverse. Lord Ebon fought the cosmic being for control, but in the end, had to escape into Killfile's cyborg servant, Censor Girl. But this didn't prevent him from manipulating the LNH into steering the untethered Looniverse through Usenet towards comp.sources.unix, in order to tap into that place's link to net.elemental power – but the LNH defeated him, and made him flee both bodies.

As he was licking his spiritual wounds and plotting to reclaim the power he'd briefly touched, Constellation appeared, with Dot in control. She had vengeance in mind, and though she could not kill him, she did something worse – sent him back in time to when he was first imprisoned within that coffin, setting off an endless time loop from which Lord Ebon would never escape.


Smug, taunting, cruel dark lord type.

Powers and Abilities

Hundreds of years of mystic knowledge, specializing in alchemy.


Originally, this Italian dude, but mostly seen as a bodiless spirit with a penchant for the color black.