Vector Prime

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Vector Prime is a net.villain created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Melissa
Aliases: Vector
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers, Saxon Brenton
Status: Reformed net.villain living in Looniverse-A
Usability: Not Reserved


The living virus then known as Melissa first confronted the Legion of Net.Heroes during the long-running Birth of a Villain cascade, menacing a Planet Kirby in Net.ropolis. She split the Legion apart, and she and her clones overran Net.ropolis, battling the LNH on all fronts.

Eventually, it was revealed that she was created by arch-villain wReamicus Maximus using Doctor Stomper's technology and the Potion of Commotion (programmed, as revealed in yet another retcon, from Irony Man's recordings of Captain LNH's brain patterns). Vector was an integral part of his plan to work with the Church of the Fourth Wall and prevent the LNH Writers from interfering with the Looniverse.

While the original Vector was cured (and is currently living in California with a promising legal career), other clones of her have carried on her legacy; see #Relationships below.


Megalomaniacal. Flies into a rage at perceived insults. Deferential and obedient to her "father", wReamicus Maximus.

Powers and Abilities

Vector Prime could replicate herself, and each of her duplicates had their own powers. She incapacitated super-heroes by filling up the space inside them and slowing down their processes; this was known as "Legionnaire's Disease". Among her duplicates' powers were transmitting themselves to any location, firing energy bolts from their fingers, and possessing the minds of others. At least one could actually touch Invisible-Intangible-Inaudible Lass. Many of the duplicates developed independent personalities and wills; see Category:Vector.

Legionnaire's Disease does not affect undead beings, and can be blocked by lurking characters, as well as Writer's Block. Characters with abnormal levels of serotonin, like those who regularly drink Mister Paprika, are also immune. Vector Prime can be harmed or negated by powerful symbols.


Vector Prime usually appears as a tall, buxom redheaded woman, often dressed in a skintight leather catsuit. Vector's clones, however, can take nearly any form, from attractive women of various ethnicities to members of the Legion of Net.Heroes.


wReamicus Maximus, Irony Man, Doctor Stomper and Captain LNH were all involved in her creation (see Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #50 for details), and can to greater or lesser degree be considered her parents.

Though Vector's duplicates were meant as a short-lived tool, many of them stabilized and became their own individuals, and can be considered her progeny.

Currently-active Vectors include:

Vector Sublime was also an individualized duplicate; her current status is unknown.

In addition, malware that Vector had created was a catalyst for the creation of Unity.