Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better Lad

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Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better Lad is a net.hero created by Slash Maraud.
Alter Ego: Andrew Best
Aliases: The Mimic, Andy
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved[1]


Andy Best was the only child of multi-millionaire parents, who raised him according to the Spock method. Thus, he grew up as an arrogant rich brat. (Social satire, folks.) His parents died when he was 10, leaving him a fortune. Not long after, he discovered that gained the abilities of anyone he antagonized, plus a little something extra. However, this only lasted as long as they were mad at him. Upon growing up, he tried a brief career as a net.villain, until Kid Yesterdaze convinced him that he could have much more fun antagonizing villains (though he still enjoys upsetting heroes).

He was along for the ride on Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others's time and space-hopping parodic adventures in Journey Into Irrelevancy.

In the alternate future (or present?) of the Age of ApocaLISP, he was one of the last surviving LNHers.


Challenges anything and never shuts up. Lacking in creativity; tends to rely heavily on simple brute power. Spoiled rich kid.

Powers and Abilities

Can do anything the person he's battling can do – only slightly better. Lasts only as long as that person is angry at him.


Tacky blue costume with gold trim and full face mask. No cape.


Cousin to Lad and Authorial.

Had an unrequited attraction to Manga Girl that went surprisingly deep; he was devastated when she died (one of the few genuine displays of emotion he's shown in his life).

Was inadvertently responsible for creating Ike the Pike.

As of 2001, was a virgin.



  1. Slash Maraud's words from this post:
    I do want to mention that if anybody REALLY REALLY wants to use Mimic Boy aka Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Lad, go right ahead. Just remember that he tends to act like those he is around, and that the mimicking process is seldom perfect. And if he mimicks Kid Kirby, he gets square fingers. Strange but true.