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Shinigami Girl is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland. See also Manga Girl II, Manga Girl III, and Manga Girl (20).
Alter Ego: Mango Gal
Aliases: Manga Girl
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Deceased, former member of Generation Z, former LNHQ receptionist, current afterlife cop
Usability: Not Reserved


While it was never revealed how she became Manga Girl, it is a well-known fact that Mango Gal (yes, really) originated on the anime-based alternate dimension imaginatively named the Anime Dimension, a part of rec.arts.anime.creative.

After cutting the hair of her boyfriend/sidekick Fuzzboy, she, along with Fuzzboy and her archenemy the German Frog, crossed over into the Looniverse. With the help of Panta, Cheesecake-Eater Lad, and Self-Righteous Preacher, the duo managed to thwart the Frog's evil plans. Joining the LNH at Panta's suggestion, Mango was quick to make herself known. After a near defeat at the hands of the evil ApocaLISP, Manga Girl found herself hurled into the alt.ernate reality known as the Age of ApocaLISP. In this reality, Fuzzboy had to save her from the evil of his alt.ernate reality version, Pope. Pope managed to survive the AOA's destruction and tried to kill the LNH. He was defeated with the help of Ultimate Mercenary, but later returned to haunt Manga Girl once more.

Mango joined the Generation Z subgroup, but was kicked out of the LNH in general for her kleptomania. Pope then decided to try to destroy the Looniverse again, and Manga Girl was no longer an LNH member, just when the LNH needed her most. Eventually she rejoined and helped the LNH investigate the Saviors of the Net. She then took up a short-lived career as a stage actress.

Fuzzboy died in Journey Into Irrelevancy, and shortly afterwards Manga Girl herself was killed by a cosmically-powered Comics Snob Boy. Their spirits stuck around for the remainder of the series to recap the plot and berate the author.

Eventually, the two of them joined the afterlife's police force. Mango took the codename of Shinigami Girl. The two of them were senior enough agents by 2015 to investigate the near-death state of the God of Looniverse-Y.


Mango is yer basic fun-loving adaptable anime heroine. She can fit into any situation. She has the wise cracks, she flirts, she's a bit caustic but very caring. She also has a sort of kleptomanic tendancy, but usually only steals small things from people she detests.

After death, she has... well, okay, basically the same personality, but with the ability to be a little professional, sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

As Manga Girl, could do anything that can be done in any anime. That would mean jumping high up, lifting things, forming energy balls, manipulating speed lines, etc.

As Shinigami Girl, has various spiritual abilities that fit in a Shinto/Buddhist cosmological paradigm, and can possess people a la Deadman.


She's drawn in anime style no matter what art style the surrounding story is in. She has big green eyes, long legs, and a slim figure with moderate bustiness. Her hair is long and purple, with a long silver ponytail in the back. She's generally considered attractive by those into the 2D.

As Manga Girl, she wore a Havok-esque harness[1] that bore her magical bag of anime tricks (you know, flying nimbuses and that sort of thing). She also wore a tube top, a pair of sweat pants, a belt with an LNH logo on the buckle, and gym shoes.

As Shinigami Girl, wears a black kosode and hakama, with a white shitagi underneath.


Ultimate Mercenary was very much in love with her. (Having spent a significant amount of time in various parallel timelines, he only became aware that she was dead late in the day, and seems to have forgotten again upon arriving on Earth-20.)

Manga Girl II is her RACC counterpart. Other alternate-universe counterparts include Topanga Girl of the Oddball Legion.



  1. Probably referring to the weird shoulder-ring-things Havok of the X-Men wore during the brief period he ran the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It was the 90s, what are you gonna do