Seven Deadly Sphammers

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The Seven Deadly Sphammers were a team of net.villains created by Arthur Spitzer that first appeared in Saviors of the Net #1.

They were hired by the Saviors of the Net to throw a battle to help make the Saviors look good in their first appearance. After that they got paid off and the Retcon RACCoon retconned new identities for them. The assassin Arthur E.L. Presence, however, thought that they were a loose end and decided to kill them all. He succeeded in killing all of them except for Lucky Chain Letter Lucy, who was saved by her luck powers (and because she'd become enough of a genuinely interesting character).

Years later, Lucy formed a new incarnation of the group, which was absorbed into Mynabird's Legion of Net.Villains. One can assume that the other members renamed themselves after the dead villains.


  • Leader: Spham King
  • Brand New Website Boy
  • Green Card Kid
  • Human Warehouse
  • Lucky Chain Letter Lucy
  • Make Money Fast Mo
  • Triple X Girl