SideKick Man

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SideKick Man is a evil robot created by Jef Kolodziej.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jef Kolodziej
Status: Former member of the Tantalizing Teens, former very short-term member of the LNH (Classic Team), deceased
Usability: Free For Use


SideKick Man was a member of the Tantalizing Teens before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, alongside Sig.File Man and Cliche Dude. He hung out with the other two while Sig.File Man was applying to be a member of the LNH, and jumped into battle with Manga Man when the scoundrel of Japanese sequential art showed up.

After the big battle with Table, he seemed to disappear. However, during Electrocutioner's Song, it was revealed that he'd been an evil robot under Table's control the whole time! He infliltrated the LNH at Mister Minister's command and attempted to destroy the LNHQ, but was taken out of service in battle.


Generically sidekicky.

Powers and Abilities

Unrevealed. Probably some level of robot powers.