Sig.File Man

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Sig.File Man is a former net.hero created by Jef Kolodziej.
Alter Ego: Sigmund Ampulle
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jef Kolodziej
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Tantalizing Teens, retired from net.heroing and living in Cleve.LAN.d
Usability: Free For Use


In the pre-Cosmic Plot Device Caper era, Sig.File Man was the sidekick of The Warlord and the leader of the Tantalizing Teens. But he became tired of leading, and joined the LNH during the CPDC, along with his Tantalizing Teammates, Cliche Dude and SideKick Man. He later took on the newly revived Sig.Lad as his own sidekick.

Unfortunately, over the next couple of years, SideKick Man turned out to be an evil robot all along, Cliche Dude went off on a space mission with Halls Jordan, and The Warlord, Sig.File Man's former mentor turned rival, smooshed him with a bulldozer. Sig.File Man started drifting away from the LNH, and after the chaos of Retcon Hour, left to follow up on a time-traveling warning of future catastrophe. He ended up getting married, adopting a son, and settling down as a private detective; he found the life that fit him, and prevented the catastrophe by being a good parent.


Fairly relaxed, pretty heroic, loyal to his friends.

Powers and Abilities

Can create large sig.files out of thin air, using the Sig.File Discs. Streetwise detective abilities.


Wore a blue and grey costume, and often dresses in those colors post his net.hero life.