Bandwagon Chick

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Bandwagon Chick is a net.hero created by Sue Clark.
Alter Ego: Bonnie Chique
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH, former co-leader of the New Misfits
Usability: Not Reserved


Bonnie Chique was a normal college student until she began to have dreams... dreams which led her one night to a dark cave, where she found her mystic bandwagon, drawn by two ghostly horses. Subsequent dreams led her to take up a superheroic career and eventually join the LNH. Who or what causes these dreams is at present unknown.

(Or, possibly, she was trained as a Mon.gosub.lian cheerleader, left because she didn't want to kill a goat, and joined the LNH because she saw an ad in the paper. Depends on who you ask.)

Either way, she joined the LNH around the time of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper.

During Infinite April, she joined the New Misfits and accompanied them on their missions. Eventually, she became the co-leader.


Gets involved in things long after it is chic.

Powers and Abilities

The Bandwagon Effect, a low-level ability to guide people towards doing the same thing as everyone else. Drives the Mystic Bandwagon, which can fly, is protected by mystical armor, and has special, existential armaments, including the Gestalt Cannon, the Zeitgeist Neutralizer Field, the Anachrowave Generator, the Causality Enhancement Field, and the Cartesian Dualism Filter.


A woman with long black hair and green eyes. Wears a black body suit.

The Mystic Bandwagon is an old-fashioned circus bandwagon painted bright red and gold, with lots of rococo flourishes and curlicues.