Fourth Wall Lass

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Fourth Wall Lass is a net.hero created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Terri
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


In meta-continuity after Retcon Hour, Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story agreed to undergo a revamp. Fourth Wall Lass was the result.

She was abducted by wReamicus Maximus for his plots in Birth of a Villain, during which she met Invisible-Intangible-Inaudible Lass.


Friendly, helpful, and nice, but all-business when things get serious. Due to her experiences with her powers, has a somewhat of a low opinion of the Writers, but fundamentally believes they're doing their best.


Powers and Abilities

Able to cross the Fourth Wall. Rapid transit between places by moving between panels. Ability to gather information by reading captions and thought balloons; has taken speed reading course to gather such information. Shares Alt.telepathy with Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story.

During Infinite April, her powers were massively increased by the Rung of Revamp. For a time, it seemed that this had the side effect of causing her to slip further and further towards seeing things in terms of characters and plot, instead of as people and life. However, during Beige Midnight, she revealed that it actually made her more sensitive to the plight of secondary characters and those the Writers had little regard for.


Red, brown, and grey bodysuit, domino mask.


"Sister" of Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story, girlfriend of Retcon Lad. One of the few people who can perceive Invisible-Intangible-Inaudible Lass.