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Gasmaster is a Olympian immortal mad scientist created by Jesse Willey.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Maursault, Karl Schmidlap-Jung, a lot of people you've heard of
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Member of the Dark Conclave
Usability: Reserved


An immortal who has assumed many names over the centuries. According to Absurd Lass, this includes Ghengis Khan, Wyatt Earp, Karl Jung, and Ed Wood (though obviously this should be taken with a grain of salt given the source). At one point he was part of a supervillain group called the Dark Conclave alongside Conductress and the Grey Phantom. Conductress married him for a time, then took their child shortly after she was born and divorced him for the Phantom, but they stayed friends.

He took over the secret government project Operation: Dreamfire under the name of Maursault. He experimented on Patient Zero, Absurd Lass and Nihilism Kid, putting them through an elaborate brainwashing mind-screw scenario which they broke free of to join the net.hero team Action League: New Brunswick— a team that had been founded by Maursault himself as Karl-Schmidlap Jung, AKA Gasmaster.

After the battle with the forces of the High Camden Yards, the Action League: New Brunswick were thrust into a timeless dimension where they saw flashes of Gasmaster's history and discovered his true nature, upon which the team disbanded.

He then allied himself with the Enobi, carrying out their genetic experiments to create human-cattle hybrds and searching for his daughter, Mystery, to help them take over the world. He couldn't capture her and gave them Allison Delphi instead, but they rejected her because she was too powerful. Gasmaster then turned against them and rejoined with the Grey Phantom, who was working for the Overlord.

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Cunning and cruel.

Powers and Abilities

An eclectic mad scientist and master manipulator. As Gasmaster, he specialized in mind-controlling gases.


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