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Lynk and The VAXX, from Dave Van Domelen's art page, 9/5/95
Lynk is a net.hero created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Anna Tanner
Aliases: Rotanna
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Member of Dvandom Force, reserve member of the LNH (Classic Team), active dream ruler
Usability: Usable With Permission


From Dave Van Domelen's art page: Scene from during the Evolution arc. Text below Rotanna's logo says "casts spells in rot-13 cypher" and that below Kid Macro's logo is "super-speed via predefined macros." 7/31/94

Rotanna first appeared on a quest for revenge on Schwa Khan for seemingly killing her father, Rotara. She met up with Squidman and joined the Secret Dvanders. Soon, the team transitioned to Dvandom Force and moved to Sig.ago, and Anna joined in on their adventures in Earth-Goon.

Before long, the team faced its first true crisis with the battle against DeFacto V. To break the time loop that had originally lead to his creation and prevent him from ruling the world, Squidman killed Sig.Lad. Anna couldn't accept this, and walked away from the team.

She soon found herself as a target of the spammer Mr. Gain and his monstrous Biszes. Her life was narrowly saved by The VAXX, a bizarre being with a CRT monitor for a head. He brought her into the dreamworld of Harnegu. There she learned many things about herself – that the dreamland was the true source of her powers, that the VAXX was a scientist from the Raiders Universe who'd been pulled into Harnegu by a failed magical experiment, along with her father... And that her father had been corrupted by that magic into Mr. Gain. To save him from it, she had to kill him herself.

Understanding better now why Squidman had made the choice he did, she returned to Dvandom Force with a new form of magic drawing on the power of dreams, and a new name – Lynk. She found it much harder to forgive Kopikat after finding out what she'd done to Macroman, but reluctantly agreed to let her stay on the team. In time, she grew to accept Kat and even consider her a friend.

After facing down the Century Pact, Dvandom Force resolved to take down the loose ends left behind by their enemies, and Lynk faced her father's old enemy Baron Umlaut once again. He had attempted to merge with Ellipses King to become a punctuation elemental. She defeated him by opening a gate to Harnegu and summoning... a duck.

To deal with the chaos unleashed by the Death Duck, Anna went deeper into the dreamlands with her teammates, formally entering herself into the Dream Court. After being trapped in a really silly Phantom Menace parody that nonetheless almost killed her team, Anna drew on her full power as a dreamqueen to overcome the Death Duck... only to find it had been trying to help her, but this had manifested as an attack because of its nature as a nightmare.

Her experience in the dreamworld had stirred up many powerful emotions, including her feelings for her teammate Shane Boxer. Though she reciprocated his attraction, she wasn't sure whether it would be a good idea as she believed what he really needed something to ground himself in the present-day Loonivearth and that was more than a romantic partner could give. After his transformation into the second Constellation, she kissed him goodbye before he left the Looniverse, hoping he could return someday.

Anna continues to guard the Dreamlands to this day.


From Dave Van Domelen's art page, 12/1/98

Started out kind of reckless, with a sense of playfulness that sometimes got out of hand. Became bitter after the death of Sig.Lad, but dove into the darkness within her in Harnegu and got a grip on it while battling Mister Gain. Was more serious after, easily turning confrontational over problems, but slowly learned to take a broader, more patient view, occasionally getting playful again.

Powers and Abilities

As Rotanna, could cast spells by speaking in ROT-13. As Lynk, had more powerful and vaguely-defined magical abilities based on dreams, including manifesting dreams from peoples' minds and seeking out information through the dreamworld's Net. She gained the ability to generate small objects at will by absorbing the emotional/mystic resonance of Sig.Lad's Gauntlet of GIF after his death.<more>


As Rotanna, wore a light blue tuxedo top and bikini bottom with fishnet stockings.

As Lynk, <more