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OMAR is a Net.Troll created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: One Man Abusive Reaction
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton and Jamie Rosen
Status: Deceased and destroyed, apparently beyond resurrection
Usability: Free For Use


OMAR is one of the evil Net.Gods of the planet Topphorti, a troll who spread strife and chaos on countless newsgroups (especially comics-themed ones).

Five thousand years ago, he came to the planet Dorfia...

  No one knows the history of the Dorf before they came to our galaxy. According to their own legends, however, they were once a peaceful and quiet people who dedicated themselves to the pursuits of philosophy. Their world knew no crime, disease, or war. It was also incredibly boring. But this world came to an end when a being they called the Prophet, one of the ancient Net.Trolls, arrived in their galaxy. It was this being who first brought the power of Senseless Violence to their galaxy. It warped them in body and soul and began a war that rendered their whole galaxy uninhabitable.
Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #50

In the modern day, Flipseid sent OMAR, "the least of my servants", to Earth to teach its people fear of him. OMAR's influence led to fights breaking out throughout Net.ropolis, and he transformed many of its people, including several LNHers, into trolls. The LNH drove him out, and Retcon Lad retconned his attempt to destroy Net.ropolis with the power of hatred, but many of their members died as a result of brain tumors induced by trollification. OMAR then fled to the outskirts of the city and took over a military base, killing LNHers who were sent after him. The LNH then sent another group on a desparate suicide mission to destroy OMAR with a device built by Anal-Retentive Archive Kid. The mission was a phyrric victory, with Cannon Fodder as the only survivor. But Flipseid came to retrieve the black and twisted thing that had been OMAR's heart, reflecting that he could restore OMAR to life if it were necessary...

OMAR attempted to return to life by possessing the body of Badass through the brain tumor he had left behind, but Vel defeated him by entering Badass's bloodstream to inject a serum developed by Doctor Stomper.

General Jarrek and his breakaway faction of Dorfs went to Topphorti to retrieve OMAR's heart, which Flipseid allowed for his own reasons. They used it to create a virus which would transform the population of Earth into Dorfs and use their rage to resurrect him. But when this plan was thwarted and rage was replaced by grief, Jarrek used the power of the heart to destroy it, along with himself.


Mean-spirited and foul to the extreme. He lacks intelligence and can't spell worth crap but has a sort of low animal cunning which can be very dangerous.

Powers and Abilities

OMAR can unleash the anger within people, and transform anyone who falls under his influence into a hideous green troll like himself. He can also twist peoples' minds without trollifying them given enough time, as with Mygag. He once had the power to channel hatred into massive bursts of destructive energy, but this was retconned by Retcon Lad.


Looks like an uglier version of Yoda.


OMAR was based on a particularly nasty and persistent troll who used to haunt rec.arts.comics.dc-universe.