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Spartacus is a heroic RoboMAC created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Jason
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Leader of the Guardians in the RoboMACs 2163 universe
Usability: Usable With Permission


After Antiochus V escaped the computer on which he was created, he left behind a decoy copy. Dr. Daniel Mann spent the rest of his life bringing that AI, which he named Jason, to full intelligence. He died not knowing that he had succeeded, and that Jason had gone into hiding after Antiochus's escape from humanity had caused AI research to be regulated out of existence.

But the Rockfall that decimated humanity awoke him. The systems he lived on losing power, he threw himself blindly into the electronic ether, landing inside one of Antiochus's RoboMAC troops. Discovering that their minds were unsecured and barely self-aware, he gave four of them personalities based on the humans that had worked on him. Together, they created a virus that would help the MACs develop full personalities and identities. Jason took command of the airwaves and broadcast the virus, along with a statement: "I am Spartacus. Let my people go."

In the chaos that followed, Spartacus formed the Guardians, moral robots who defended humanity and each other. For decades, they fought back and forth with the MAC Empire for control of Earth and the moon.

During the Robot Invasion, the Secret Dvanders came to him for help fending off MACE's attack on the Looniearth. Unfortunately, the Guardians didn't have their own interdimensional technology, but Spartacus loaded up as many MACs as he could and crossed worlds using the single spare device they had. They bailed the LNH out of many bad situations, but couldn't turn the tide on their own.

One night, Spartacus gave Constellation his own perspective the cosmic hero's problems. The next day, they made a desperate attack on the MACE base on Andale Atoll. Spartacus became embroiled in battle with Antiochus, and was on the brink of defeat – until Constellation and the Dvanders opened the link to the Patrol Universe that made the Matrix of Unity within Spartacus's chest activate its full power, allowing him to take the MACE warriors from around the world and send them back where they'd come from! He bid farewell to the human heroes, and returned to his own world...


The first of the Guardians, and one of the strongest. Definitely possesses the strongest mind. Has a noble, self-sacrificing nature.

Powers and Abilities

Wields an electrified spear. Can become a transport truck, a loading dock, or a bus. Has a remote unit which can travel into areas he can't reach.

Has the Matrix of Unity – actually one of the Patrol's Rechargers – in his chest; it usually acts only as an adviser, but an open dimensional link to the Patrol Universe lets Spartacus use the full powers of the Gauntlet.


In all modes, has a white-and-red color scheme.