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Squidman is a net.hero created by David Goldfarb.
Alter Ego: David
Aliases: Squid Boy, Kal-Mar: The Squid That Walked Like a Man But Talked Like a Squid, the Deepsea Detective
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Member of Dvandom Force, reserve member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


Squid Boy was one of the original Writer Characters from the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, inspired by a Suicide Squid letter column. When his writer lost interest, he faded into relative obscurity soon after, making only the occasional guest shot.

Then he discovered that, due to said obscurity, he was slated to die. In desperation, he joined the attack on Andale Atoll during the Robot Invasion. He leapt in and died – but the Dvandom Stranger gave Constellation the chance to undo this, to write Squid Boy into a new role in the Looniverse. He chose, and Squidman was born, with a new origin:

A young man named David was hit by a chunk of debris during a net.hero battle. He fell into the river, but was saved by Suicide Squid, and in gratitude, let him use his body to join the battle.

Unfortunately, he couldn't escape his original fate, and died of the plague sweeping obscure characters (see various issues of LNH v1). But Suicide Squid had one last role in his ally's life, taking Squidman's death into himself and letting him come back just in time to stop Acton Lord's duplicate Cyber-Squid!

He became a street-level hero, taking out Schwa Khan's operations and joining Dvandom Force when that team came together.

He and his teammates made a last-ditch attempt to save Sig.Lad from destabilizing, but it backfired spectacularly when Sig.Lad merged with Kopikat's nanites to become DeFacto V, creating an alternate timeline where he killed all the net.heroes and ruled Loonivearth. The only way Squidman could find to stop him was shooting Sig.Lad with one of Cheeez Arrow's atomic arrows.

The fact that he killed Sig.Lad to save reality has caused some resentment from other LNHers, further distancing Dvandom Force from the LNH. It was also a recurring source of guilt for Squidman himself, even though Sig.Lad made it clear from beyond the grave that he forgave him, sending a message through Suicide Squid.

Nonetheless, Squidman became leader after Sig.Lad's death and served as as a stabilizing influence amid the rematch with DeFacto V and the battles against The Warlord, the Century Pact and the Death Duck while his teammates dealt with their own personal crises.


Determined. He's finally gotten out of obscurity, and managed to cheat death once, he's not going to screw up again. Developing into a natural leader.

Powers and Abilities

Was formerly able to channel the spirit of Suicide Squid. Currently has no powers, but relies on gadgets and heavy training. A skilled detective, though not a Sherlock Holmes-esque super-genius. Squid-themed devices include the Squidrang[1] and the Squidmobile.

During the Grand Tour, he wielded the Deepsea Robo.


GIFs available [[1]]



  1. Superconducting QUantum Interference Detector-rang , which allows him to collect data from any object or entity it's thrown at. (Which isn't quite how SQUIDs work in real life, but.)