The Liminals

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Dee? Xauriel McKenna--Masterplan Lad, guardian of the narrative; Victoria Arden--Forsaken Lass, survivor of Limbo; Alice Ashdown--Net.Access, champion of crossovers; Sakura Mangas--Manga Girl, synthetic senshi of creativity; and Maria Hart, troubled trenchcoater, along with her ostrich familiar Sunny! They are four young net.heroes, one trenchcoater and one ostrich who fight to understand themselves and the worlds they inhabit, moving between the heroism of the LNH and the uncanny strangeness of the Lunaverse--the Liminals!
Jeanne Morningstar, The Liminals #11

The Liminals are a Classic LNH net.hero team created by Jeanne Morningstar, starring in their self-titled series.


When Ultimate Mercenary was pulled out of Limbo by the Producers, Victoria Arden was pulled out with him, and when UM became involved in a cross-time war, Masterplan Lad was sent to protect him. When they were captured by the Crossover Queen, a fellow captive turned out to be Net.Access, and the Headhunter that had chased them was restored to being Manga Girl. Together, they escaped the Queen and traveled thru Hypertext Time, crossing over with different stories and escaping into the Sixniverse...

...and came out on the other side of that adventure in the Classic Looniverse during the rift crisis, without Ultimate Mercenary and without memories of what had happened inbetween. In helping to resolve the crisis, they confronted themselves and grew closer, and afterwards, decided to stay together as The Liminals.

When their Writer sold their motivation to the Shoe Devil, Masterplan Lad recruited trenchcoater Maria Hart and her familiar, Sunny, to get it back, with the team journeying into Net.Hell and facing down demons both literal and metaphorical. MPL and Manga Girl both made sacrifices, changed, and healed, and Manga Girl invited Maria to join the team, as Alice and Victoria continued the search for Victoria's lost past...