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Many have taken the dark and smelly mantle of the Time Crapper. The curling, fluctuating threads of Hypertext Time that make up the fabric known as Looniverse-A are their battlefield, as they seek power over the Legion, each other, and the very forces of existence!

The various Time Crappers make their home in a citadel in the Rear-End of Time – a citadel that was once the LNHQ.

Known Crappers

Unknown Crappers

Limp-Asparagus Lad #18 featured an unspecified Crapper monologuing to themselves, as part of the time-travel-tastic crossover known as Flame Wars III. This may have been intended to be one of the first two Time Crappers, or a merged version of the two, or an entirely new character that never got developed, or just a reference to the way new versions of the Time Trapper kept popping up in the LSH comics.

The Team 's A Night in the Darkness arc involved a Time Crapper who seemed to simultaneously be every possible version of the Time Crapper, or something like that.

In Just Imagine Saxon Brenton Presents the RACCies Again #5, Pointless Awards Man IV brought Plot-Error Man to the citadel of a version of the Time Crapper that did not yet exist (tho what "not yet" means for a temporally transcendent being is undefined).

In Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #INFINITY, Time-Waster Lad has visions of visiting the Rear-End of Time, where he meets a version of Mother Time who took the first Time Crapper's place when he erased himself from history.


The Time Crapper was originally a parody of the Time Trapper from the Legion of Super-Heroes comics (one of the few direct LSH parodies the LNH has done).