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Captain Continuity is a net.hero created by The Mystic Mongoose.
Alter Ego: Chet Wiggins
Aliases: Continuity Champ Junior, Marie Sioux, the GreenRingKnight
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former member of Generation Y, member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of the Knights of Continuity
Usability: Not Reserved


Chet Wiggins was born with the remarkable ability to explain how things happened. When coupled with his fascination with superheroes, he knew what he had to do: become a hero himself. Modeling himself after his favorite hero and happening to find a discarded flight.thingee ring, he took the name of Continuity Champ Junior and joined the LNH. In time, he came to lead the subgroup called Generation Y, and even once saved the Looniverse, during the event called Retcon Hour.

After an adventure with Darryth Rath, the former Continuity Champ, he received Rath's abilities as a Knight of Continuity and became a member of that reality-guarding organization, taking the new name of Captain Continuity.[1] In this role, he has served as one of the Legion's front-line cosmic heroes.

When the Legion of Net.Villains sought to release the galaxy's worst criminals from the Ultimate Black Hole, Captain Continuity joined the team going to stop them. But Arthur E.L. Presence pulled him into a dreamworld, where a crusading reporter loved the world's greatest hero...

When the sabertooth virus hit, he was back in time, reconciling contradictory stories about how the dinosaurs died and helping Masterplan Lad sort out the overstuffed crossover. When he went back to the future, he discovered the truth about the second Doctor Killfile – just in time to get killed by her! But Betamax and the fourth Time Crapper, as part of a greater plan, placed the Rings of Retcon and Continuity on his fingers, bringing him back to life and allowing him to transform into the powerful GreenRingKnight. In this form, he played a central role in the big battle against Simplicity. Afterward, he transformed back, the Rings having disappeared— for now...


Shy with individuals but determined in battle. Despite being a '90s kid, has a Silver Age-y sense of justice. Has been questioning his identity and purpose ever since Beige Countdown.

Powers and Abilities

As Continuity Champ Jr., he had the net.ahuman ability to explain continuity and a flight.thingee ring.

As Captain Continuity, inherited the powers of a Knight of Continuity, which include flight, superstrength, and invulnerability, along with reality-bending abilities. He has developed continuity vision which allows him to sense recurring plotlines and continuity errors; this was a secondary mutation as a result of repeated time-jumps in Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! (or at least that was his own retcon explanation of it).

As the GreenRingKnight, had enormous abilities to manipulate continuity, the full extent of which are unknown.


Wears a black and white costume with a red belt. As CCJr., his belt was green, orange and purple, and he wore a mask in the same colors.


Once idolized Continuity Champ; has become intensely ambivalent about his mentor and his values as he's gotten older and more mature.

Shares a strong cameraderie with Bad-Timing Boy as former members of Generation Y.



  1. There's no story in the archives where Continuity Champ Jr. got Continuity Champ's Knight of Continuity powers and became Captain Continuity. The order of events is something like:
    • "Captain Continuity" was originally a mistake, someone getting confused about Continuity Champ's name.
    • Like whenever a funny mistake happens in the LNH, it got incorporated into continuity, with Captain Continuity being a divergent future version of Continuity Champ (in the Cry.sig).
    • At the end of Retcon Hour, a Captain Continuity showed up that was a future version of Continuity Champ Jr.
    • Martin Phipps used Captain Continuity (with Champ's powers) as a future identity of CCJr. in his LNH2 stories.
    • Martin then used that version in a present-day story in the Infinite Leadership Crisis.
    • Other writers picked up from there, with the transfer of powers being established as a retcon.
    Notably, according to this post, Drizzt had planned to write a story about the change but never got around to it.