Captain Continuity

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Captain Continuity is a net.hero created by The Mystic Mongoose.
Alter Ego: Chet Wiggins
Aliases: Continuity Champ Junior
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former member of Generation Y, member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of the Knights of Continuity
Usability: Not Reserved


Chet Wiggins was born with the remarkable ability to explain how things happened. When coupled with his fascination with superheroes, he knew what he had to do: become a hero himself. Modeling himself after his favorite hero and happening to find a discarded flight.thingee, he took the name of Continuity Champ Junior and joined the LNH. In time, he came to lead the subgroup called Generation Y, and even once saved the Looniverse, during the event called Retcon Hour.

After an adventure with Darryth Rath, the former Continuity Champ, he received Rath's abilities as a Knight of Continuity and became a member of that reality-guarding organization, taking the new name of Captain Continuity. In this role, he has served as one of the Legion's front-line cosmic heroes.


Shy with individuals but determined in battle.

Powers and Abilities

Net.ahuman ability to explain continuity. Flight, superstrength, and invulnerability. Has inherited Knight of Continuity powers, which give him reality-bending abilities.


Wears a black and white costume with a red belt. As CCJr., his belt was green, orange and purple.