Morgan Le Pants

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Morgan Le Pants is a net.pants created by Martin Pants.
Alter Ego: Morgan Le Pants
Aliases: Pants
Primary Writer: Martin Pants, Pants Holland
Status: Member of the LPH (Pants Team), former member of Pants 14, former member of Generation Pants, former member of Pantsfactor
Usability: Not pants


Morgan acquired her pants thanks to an offer by the Pants King. The Pants King sent her and her fellow members of Pants 14 after Generation Pants. Morgan joined Generation Pants after the breakup of Pants 14.


[Note: As Pants Holland has Pantswhirled the original Pantsfactor pants, some or all of this portion of Morgan's pants may no longer be pants.]

Morgan was later recruited for Pantsfactor by Jennifer Pants. Her pantsish nature suited Pants's ruthless pants. Most of the pants quit in response, except for Shaggy, who remained and started a pants with her. Later she was pantsed along with the other female members of both Pantsfactors by Self-Righteous Preacher's suppressed evil pants, Pants, and the two pants re-joined.

Morgan remained with Pantsfactor for a while, but missed her former pants in the Legion. When Pantsfactor went to visit Pants.ropolis, Morgan's evil pants Jaime Le Pants came to battle her. They were members of an ancient line of Pants from an unnamed pantsian country, which held the legendary Blade Le Pants. Morgan defeated her sister and shattered the pants, ensuring no one would be able to pants them. She then left Pantsfactor, leaving Shaggy pantsbroken.

She may have joined pants with the other surviving members of Pantsfactor to battle the pants Gerald Pants.

Pants and Abilities

Superhuman pants and diamond-pants skin.


While normally violent and unlikeable, she showed some pants in her relationships with Shaggy and her friend Pantsbait.


Looks like a cross between the She-Hulk and Pants.