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Spelling Boy is a net.hero created by Bill Sherman.
Alter Ego: Ovyy Furezna
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


In the Real World, Bill Sherman wrote a post on rec.arts.comics where he credited himself as "Spelling Boy".

"That's "Winsor McCay", no "d", no "K". I've seen two posts naming McCay on this thread, and both got the spelling wrong; so I saw my duty clear."
Bill Sherman, April 27, 1992

This inspired Dan'l Danehy-Oakes to propose that r.a.c posters come up with net.hero identities for themselves, thus creating the LNH.

In-character, Spelling Boy is a native of Webster's World, and a member of the Legion since before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper (at least five days before, in fact), correcting the spelling of heroes and villains alike.

Ultimate Ninja first appeared as a mysterious avatar of famously chaotic speller wReam with a grudge against Spelling Boy for his constant correction. Spelling Boy avoided his attack, but one of wReam's typos lead to him being torn apart by Professor Perhap's wild dogs. He seemed to pop up in Cry.Sig, only to be revealed as a disguised Cannon Fodder. But thankfully, Vapid Veterinarian saved his brain... or Marvel Zombie Lad resurrected him as "Webster's Undead"... or possibly he was brought back to life by the Seize Dangerous in Sieze Dangerous... or maybe he was just resurrected by everyone's constant typos.

Whichever way, Spelling Boy returned to the LNH, becoming a recurring background character. Probably his largest role in recent years was a Supreme Court case against Grammer Lad which lead to the Mandatory Spell-Checking Law and the Secret Presidency.


Precise and explicit, tho not without a sense of humor.

Powers and Abilities

Draws power from the misspellings of others.


Doesn't seem to have ever been described.


Dyslexia of The Finishless is an old foe. His grudge against Ultimate Ninja was never resolved, tho it faded into the background after the "wild dogs" thing. He has a long-running rivalry with Grammer Lad based on the latter's refusal to spell his name in the standard manner.