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Waveform is a RoboMAC created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Member of the MAC Empire in the RoboMACs 2163 universe
Usability: Usable With Permission


Waveform was a member of the forces of the MAC Empire who came to the Looniearth as part of the Robot Invasion. He landed in Paris and took out Opinionated Lad, Sarcastic Lad and Sardonic Boy with no trouble.

He directed the MACE forces in their attack on Earth, filling the airwaves with footage of the giant robots taking out Earth's defenses in order to destroy morale. When the Guardians arrived, their comm expert began a back-and-forth information war against him, but it only came to an end when Spartacus managed to exile the MACErs, scattering them through alt.toys.transformers.

Waveform ended up in one of the more mainstream worlds of that newsgroup, and faced his trademarked duplicate. The two fought each other to a stalemate, and found that their respective minions (see below) were already more engrossed in making friends. Firebrand opened a portal back home, and both sides parted having learned something.


Analytical, thoughtful and logical.

Powers and Abilities

Communications and psychological warfare expert. Transforms into communications broadcast center.

Contains a set of smaller, specialized MAC minions:

  • Thud: Sets up seismic resonances to cause earthquakes and collapse structures. Loud and dumb, as befits his often self-destructive powers.
  • Blunder: Unleashes a unidirectional EM and sonic assault. Equally sophomoric, equally a blunt instrument.
  • Wulf: Uses a powerful sensor net to track foes. Stealthy canid form.
  • FerretBat: Tracks energy supplies and neutrino levels. Can wax eloquent on mundane topics.
  • Raptor: Aerial reconnaissance, aided by invisibility via gravity warp.
  • Bladestorm: Aerial assault. Taunts opponents as he dismantles them.

They take the form of datacubes when not active.


Uses an intentionally monotone voice.