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* [[Tales of the LNH v20]] #1, Stocking Stuffer Holiday Annual
* [[Tales of the LNH v20]] #1, Stocking Stuffer Holiday Annual
* [[Twenty-Fisted Comics]] #1
* [[Twenty-Fisted Comics]] #1
* [[Writer's Block Person]] #1-44
* [[Writer's Block Person]] #1-45
=== LNHY ===
=== LNHY ===

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Drew Perron is the eternal cheerleader of the LNH, and the biggest metafictional nerd around. (Fight me, Grant Morrison!) They have also been known as Andrew Perron (in case you were wondering about the relation) and as Ununnilium.

They started off as a lowly yet adorable lurker, dropping off Library Lad and Weirdo Boy #0 in 1996, then scampering back into the shadows. They returned in 2002 with Digital JUMP! and wrote semi-regularly for a while before being distracted by a butterfly and wandering off. In 2009, they returned yet again and got ridiculously invested, starting cascades and crossovers, helping draw up the framework for LNH20, and starting FLASH! LNH Comics Presents Monthly. They also wrote something like 75% of this wiki.

They hold the officially unofficial office of LNH20's "Paladin of Continuity", with the world-shaking ability to resolve problems or disagreements with the LNH20 canon. Feel free to email them with questions or comments on anything and everything LNH and RACC at pwerdna@gmail.com.

They've won RACCies:Favorite Person Who Hangs Out on RACC four times, which seems to say something pretty good. For 2016, they won the amazing honor of RACCies:Favorite Writer, and an even higher honor, RACCies:The Rabbit-Breeders Cup.

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