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Panta is a net.hero created by Hubert Bartels. She starred in Tales of the LNH. She has nothing at all in common with either version of Pantra.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Primary Writer: Hubert Bartels
Status: Former member of the Net.Patrol, former member of the LNH (Classic Team), currently retconned out of existence
Usability: Reserved


Her history before joining the Net.Patrol is not clear, even to her, though it's clear that involved much suffering and privation. She drifted between black-and-white furry comics for a while, tried to make the jump to the mainstream but failed, and ended up joining the Net.Patrol in the events leading up to Integrity Quest.

She had a hard time at first, getting kicked out of the LNH and then let back in, getting sent to Dr. X's School for Gifted Youngsters and getting kicked out of there for being insufficiently powerful, being accused of various types of misconduct. After a few rounds of this, she decided that the LNH was full of crazy people and left Net.ropolis

<various events> star in Image's "BloodKitty", a brightly colored, exceedingly violent, plotless comic.

She defeated the Ultimate Ninja duplicate created by Master Cliche in a battle to the death.

<a lot more events for when I re-read Tales>


A catlike body and abilities, much the same as characters like Tigra, Feral and Pantha. Has the ability to go into a BERSERKER RAGE™ (see below). Has been known to use a sword at times.


Panta is one of the cutest people around. She's almost always considerate and attentive, sweet, kind and trying to help.

...that is, until she is pushed one step too far. Until she is pushed into a BERSERKER RAGE™. Then she fights in the most disgusting, bloody, violent manner possible. She does not merely punch villains, she shreds them. Behind her, she leaves torsos, body parts, ripped-out throats and rolling heads. However, she cannot sustain the BERSERKER RAGE™ more than a moment, and afterwards, is as weak as a kitten.

Intelligent, but naive, Panta must sometimes have things explained to her. She enjoys swimming, active sports, and cat toys.

For the LNH, she represented:

  1. The constant threat of female characters getting sexualized and objectified.
  2. The feline/werewolf mutants, like the New Titans' Pantha, X-Force's Feral, X-Factor's Wolfsbane, and the LSH's Catspaw. She's cuter than any of them, though.


A slender catgirl, Panta has the yellow-orange fur of a leopard with black rosetted spots. Her fur shades to cream around her lower face, down her neck, and across her chest and stomach. She has a leopard's tail with a black tip. Her snub nose is tipped with a little noseleather (like a cat's, naturally). No whiskers, but pale green cat eyes. Her cat ears are at the sides of her head, partially covered by a shock of blonde hair light enough to almost be white. She usually wears a skin-tight body suit, cut low across her chest and high over her thighs.


She was close friends with the rest of the Net.Patrol until one by one they left the LNH.

She had a long-time crush on Pocket Man, which only ended when he announced his marriage to Organic Lass. She danced with Kid G at the Valentine's Ball, and they remained close after.

Manga Man desired her since she arrived at the LNHQ, and served as a recurring antagonist for years. Self-Righteous Preacher despised her.