Reverb Boy

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Reverb Boy is a net.hero created by Mike Escutia.
Alter Ego: Gary Markowan
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Active in 000SUPERGUY
Usability: Reserved


Reverb Boy was introduced as Echo Lad's brother, with the same powers. He, too, went into sidekicking with Sidekicks'R'Us... and ended up Zomkick-ified for his troubles. He was freed when The Chessman died – but that freedom came at the cost of his brother's life. However, he was granted a short time with Echo Lad's ghost before the end.

He moved on, joining the LNH and finding friends. However, he was given another big shock when one of those friends, Search Lass, was kidnapped by a villain from the Superguy altiverses. Occultism Kid told Gary and Neon Lad that he could send them after her – but he wasn't going to be able to get them back. Without hesitation, they went after her.

They were reunited with her and defeated the big bad alongside the Hero Patrol. However, Gary had been contaminated by an excess of altiversal energies, and couldn't leave 000SUPERGUY. Search Lass and Neon Lad stayed with him, beginning their heroing again in a new world.


Has some youthful vigor and optimism, but can be knocked off it fairly easily by bad circumstances. Understandably, took a while to get over Echo Lad's death.

Powers and Abilities

Can cause sound waves to echo back at their source, including sonic weapons.

Originally, as a side-effect of his powers, had a constant echo effect on his voice; however, this went away after Echo Lad died.


Not described.


Brother of Echo Lad. Close friend of Search Lass and Neon Lad.