Deja Dude

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Deja Dude is a net.hero and author avatar created by Martin Phipps.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Cliche Lad
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team) (retired); living in Tai.WAN
Usability: Reserved


Born in Net.tawa, on May 28th, 1967, Martin Phipps wrote himself into the LNH. He spent some time tormenting his creation Generic Man. He initially called himself Cliche Lad, but switched over to Deja Dude to avoid confusion with Cliche Dude. He created an girlfriend for himself, Julie Lee, who was unaware of her fictional nature. He was untroubled by the issues of consent this raised, or any moral qualms, really. But over time he did start to grow out of his "child-god" phase a bit.

He brought over his friend, Master Blaster, from rec.arts.comics.xbooks to join the LNH. His evil side then split off from him, becoming Psykeye, leaving a somewhat more mature Deja Dude. He finally revealed Julie's fictional nature to her, and she naturally didn't take this well, leading to the end of their relationship. He eventually killed Psykeye and then left the Looniverse to avoid clogging up the roster.

In Mutton Mania, Deja Dude returned to the Looniverse to explain his position in a flamewar in Real World Minus One, but this made him vulnerable to the Sheepshagger, who transformed him into a sheep. He then got into a reality-rewriting edit war with Opinionated Lad and the Lords of Retcon, creations of the Mechanical Author. Shortly afterwards, Arthur E.L. Presence attempted to assassinate him at the behest of Reality Systems and Deja Dude teamed up with a different Real World Minus One Martin Phipps to stop him, then decided to return to net.heroing. By this time the Real World Martin Phipps was married, and his wife and son's counterparts joined him on his adventures.

Today he spends most of his time teaching, reviewing movies with Master Blaster, and raising his children.


In the early stage of his career, Deja Dude was written as an arrogant godling. His split with Psykeye created a Deja Dude who was more balanced and reasonable. When Deja Dude returned from the dead, his good and evil halves were reintegrated, though he is now more mature(-ish) after marrying and having a son.

Powers and Abilities

Ability to pass from newsgroup to newsgroup; ability to take much longer than originally hoped to complete a thesis. Can basically do anything that's been done before in a work of fiction by anyone.


Black-haired white male with a moustache seeks... oh, sorry.


He has a wife, Imelda, and a son, Michael. Master Blaster is a close friend. Often teams up with Cute Anna.

His alternate-universe counterparts include Suggestive Lad of the Rosterverse and Dayglo Dude of the Oddball Legion.