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The business of the Legion of Net.Heroes is one fraught with danger, and all-too-often, a Legionnaire has fallen. The LNH honours these friends and comrades within the Hall of Lost Heroes.

It is a sacred place, and new members are not permitted to venture within its austere walls. Each of the Lost Heroes is given a plaque, briefly describing who they were and the manner in which they fell. Some of the legionnaires (i.e., those who died before budget cuts) even have a statue made by a blind sculptress retained by the LNH for just such an occasion. For all the Lost Heroes, there is also included a keepsake from among their personal possessions.

Not all deceased Legionnaires are in here, mostly due to Writers and wiki editors forgetting about them – though there are also those who have brought dishonor to the Legion...

Superhero stories being what they are, a few heroes memorialized in the Hall have come back since receiving statues there. In Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, in fact, Scary Ghost Lass came back from the (more) dead due to Black Halo drawing on her powers around the Hall.

The Lost Heroes: Pre-Flame Wars IV

Sacrificial Lamb Boy (Cosmic Plot Device Caper)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Golden fleece

Lost Cause Boy (Lost Cause Boy Special)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Bonsai tree

Flatulence Lad (The Death of Flatulence Lad)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Bottle of Beano

Golden Retriever (Errand Boy #0)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Golden bone

Echo Lad (Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Pair of earplugs

Sig.Lad (Dvandom Force #48)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: A spare domino mask

Kid Mysticism (Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans #36)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Mystical item of unknown provenance

Living Monotone (a.outSiders # 1)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Oscilloscope showing a flat line

Innocent Little Boy Lad (Evil's Last Stand)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Stuffed replica of Jeepers the Gerbil

Scary Ghost Lass (Journey Into Irrelevancy # 1)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Bed sheet

Fuzzboy (Journey Into Irrelevancy # 7)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Autographed photo of Carrie Fisher

Manga Girl (Journey Into Irrelevancy # 13)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Personal nimbus cloud

The Flame Wars IV Memorial

Many heroes were lost in Flame Wars IV, and they were memorialized in a group statue. They were:

Chinese Guy

  • Keepsake: Australian passport

Giant Wandering Cow Kid

  • Keepsake: Udder cozy


  • Keepsake: Blue Venus symbol entwined with a pink Mars symbol

Captain Redundant

  • Keepsake: Tiny version of the group statue

Constipated Boy

  • Keepsake: Gold plunger with silver handle

Floating Head Boy

  • Keepsake: Puppet head


  • Keepsake: Pocket loudspeaker

Subplot Lad

  • Keepsake: Chris Claremont X-Men omnibus

Toilet Humor Man

  • Keepsake: Silver plunger with gold handle

Post-Flame Wars IV

Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch (Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch # 4)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Keepsake: Duplicate of pinecone used in an unsuccessful attempt to save his life

Ebonics Lad (Onion Lad # 3)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Autographed copy of "Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em!" videocassette

Polydactyly Lad (ref. Master Blaster: Insufficient Postage)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Four severed fingers

Pants Rabbit Lad (Haiku Gorilla # 119-120)

  • Statue: No
  • Keepsake: Pubic hair clippings

Ultimate Ninja clone (Killfile Wars #2)

  • Statue: Yes
  • Plaque reads:
o restless woodchuck
you could chuck wood, you could, you...!
hibernate, dear friend
  • Keepsake: Carefully lacquered ninja bush