Time-Waster Lad

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Time-Waster Lad is a net.hero created by Ray "Raythrax" Rich.
Alter Ego: Tom Doodle
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


After watching too much television as a child, Tom Doodle found he had no job skills whatsoever and so became a superhero. He joined the LNH around the time of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, and stayed on for the long haul, becoming a regular fixture in the Legion's rec room.

During Flame Wars II, he achieved his greatest feat. When the Legion was stranded at the birth of the Looniverse, he wasted incredible aeons of time to return them to the present!

When Miss Translation came to the Loonivearth to warn the LNH about the Remimykii, Time-Waster Lad spent a bunch of time sitting around, figuring out how to understand her. After she joined the LNH, he became her de facto partner, the relaxed and methodical one to her tendency to leap before she looked, and kept an eye on The Normalizer and the weirdos they gathered around them. Unfortunately, Miss Translation and the rest of said weirdos were kicked out of the LNH, and Time-Waster Lad stayed behind...

During the Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, like every other member of the Legion, he became leader for a day – a day that involved facing off against the Time Crapper and Mother Time alongside Burst Beetle Tweseveny! With encouragement, he worked thru losing Miss Translation and the gang, and used his time-wasting powers to the utmost, breaking up the terrible twosome!

When the sabertooth virus hit, Time-Waster Lad had all the time in the world to do what he was best at. But with nothing else to catch his attention, he ended up falling into a trance, wasting time to the end of the universe and back – over and over again! But he was there for the final battle, and Catalyzation Wave knocked him out of it – but he didn't forget meeting Mother Time again, at the end of time...


Easily distracted, and probably has ADHD. Often loses track of what he was supposed to be doing in the middle of it.

Has a lot of hobbies that he's constantly switching between, including a number of video games. Tells a lot of rambly stories that don't quite answer the question he was asked in the first place. Doodles a lot and can play arbitrary numbers of songs' drum lines on arbitrary surfaces. Is fun to hang out with and do whatever.

Feels a distinct sense of heroic responsibility, and sometimes feels bad about getting distracted from that. Always tries to be helpful and friendly. Loves musical theater.

Powers and Abilities

Able to turn what was supposed to be a quick check of his e-mail into hours of wasted time.


A friendly-faced young Hispanic man, often with self-applied haircuts and temporary tattoos, nail polish, customized clothes, and other visible results of having lots of time on his hands.


Has a complex relationship with Mother Time.


Time-Waster Lad was awarded Accies:Favorite Supporting Character in 2002.