WReamicus Maximus

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wReamicus Maximus is a net.villain created by Raymond "wReam" Bingham.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: wRift, Ultimate Ninja
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain, leader of the Church of Dvandom
Usability: Not Reserved


From Birth of a Villain #27, by Saxon Brenton:

   "The origin of wReamicus Maximus lies with the Acton Lord GIF.clone known as wReamed Acton Lord. During the Electrocutioner's Song crossover, wReamed Acton Lord formed a tryst with a woman whom he thought was a rent-a-bimbo, but in truth was a net.hero called Taskani who was a descendant of Multi-Tasking Man and who was from the same alt.future as Contraption Man. Taskani stole information vital to wReamed Acton Lord's plans and handed it over to the Legion of Net.Heroes before returning home to the future. Later during Electrocutioner's Song, a plot dangler was revealed when Contraption Man returned to the present and mentioned that Taskani was pregnant but would not reveal who the father of her child was.
   "In a subplot of the Jungle Cheesecake crossover, wReamicus Maximus - even then head of the Church of Dvandom - attempted to track down the by-now deceased wReamed Acton Lord (who had perished at the end of Electrocutioner's Song) in an alt.future, only to find the Perverticator instead. Perverticator claimed to be the son of wReamed Acton Lord, and to have destroyed the Legion of Net.Heroes of that era in his father's name. wReamicus Maximus tricked Perverticator into merging with him, effectively stealing the latter's power for himself.
   "Suspicions that Taskani's child was the progeny of wReamed Action Lord were confirmed in System Corruptors #9 when the net.villain Psykeye confronted wReamicus Maximus and induced a hallucinatory psycho-drama in wReamicus. In this psycho-drama wReamicus' worst fears were played out: wReamicus met his own father, wReamed Acton Lord, and told him of how he had travelled to the present and taken over the body of the founder of the Dvandom religion, but wReamed Acton Lord rejected him because of who his mother was. wReamicus swore revenge against Pyskeye, but the experience also spurred wReamicus on to greater levels of net.villainy in order to prove himself the true heir of wReamed Acton Lord.
   "wReamicus Maximus' net.villainy came to a head during the Retcon Hour crossover. Having already retconned Contraption Man into being evil and an acolyte of wReamicus' own Church of Dvandom, wReamicus ordered Contraption Man to pretend to serve the Time Crapper. The Time Crapper (or more specifically, the Time Crapper I, since there are multiple versions running around the Looniverse's timestream) was planning to use the instability caused by the passage of vote for the creation of rec.arts.comics.creative and the sub-sequent projection of the Looniverse into the new newsgroup to Take Over The World.
   "However, true to his origins as a wReam character, wReamicus Maximus intended to advance his plans by creating chaos and confusion. To this end he ordered his undercover minion Contraption Man to cause all of the alt.timelines created by the Time Crapper's retcons to exist simultaneously. Moreover, wReamicus also transported the evil IMPLO into the Looniverse, whereupon that alien entity went around cancelling every LNH title that it could lay its hands on. Both of these events are recorded in System Corruptors #16.
   "As wReamicus Maximus had expected, the chronological confusion of Retcon Hour prompted the LNH to retrieve the Ring of Retcon in order to try to repair the damage, which wReamicus immediately stole (Generation Y Annual #1). Then, in Retcon Hour Omega, wReamicus used the Ring of Retcon to transform himself into the ultra-powerful wRift in order to enjoy thrashing the entire Legion. However, during the battle, Continuity Champ Jr. was able to oppose him on equal footing and overcame the net.villain. When the fight was over, wRift had been transformed back into wReamicus Maximus, but his mind had been destroyed.
   "For a while, the comatose wReamicus served as figurehead of the Church of Dvandom - a homage on the 'Magneto as unconscious ruler of Avalon while Exodus rules in his name' subplot that ran through the X-books in the mid 1990s. He revived as a result of the events of Generation Y issues 15 and 16, which also gave a glimpse of an alt.future whereby he had confirmed his mega-menace status by exterminating the majority of the Legion before being executed by Lagneto in reprisal for the death of the adult version of Pizza Girl.
   However, it wasn't until the Birth Of A Villain Chaotic Add-On Cascade that wReamicus finally made a return appearance in the here-and-now to try and wreak new chaos upon the world."

Birth of a Villain began with wReamicus unleashing his creation, Vector, on the world (altho it wouldn't be revealed that he was responsible until well into the course of events). He and his Church of Dvandom had allied with the Church of the Fourth Wall and its leader, Father Brown, in order to summon Dave Van Domelen into the Looniverse to write for them, sealing all other Writers on the other side of the Fourth Wall. However, despite or perhaps because of the corruption and chaos he'd spread, they turned on him, and the two Churches battled one another savagely! However, Bill Clinton brokered a peace settlement, and wReamicus and Father Brown shared the Nobel Peace Prize.

At the end of the Infinite Leadership Crisis, his body was found dead, but in Beige Countdown it was revealed that he had transferred his brain into a clone of the Ultimate Ninja and killed his own body to frame the Ninja. He became a member of the HexFire Club (as the Ebony Bishop) and lead the LNH disguised as the Ultimate Ninja – until the Ninja himself, disguised as McLaughlin Man, revealed him and killed the clone body. However, his brain disappeared...

...and reappeared shortly after in an enormous RoboMAC body, meant to both impress Dave and destroy the LNH. Naturally, Ultimate Ninja took it apart in five seconds.


Megalomaniacal and manipulative. Is capable of great subtlety, but isn't too hard to poke into ranting frothing rage.

Doesn't seem to have goals other than:

  1. Accumulating power and control
  2. Spreading chaos
  3. Impressing Dave Van Domelen

...in approximately that order. Ultimately, he's kind of a petty jackass.

Powers and Abilities

A cunning planner and manipulator. Doesn't generally have net.ahuman powers of his own, gaining power through devices, rituals, and social levers.


Originally, a mysterious robed figure. Later, a perfect duplicate of Ultimate Ninja (that is, black pajamas, an all-concealing mask, and a red, blue, and white belt). Currently, a severed head.


wReamed Acton Lord and Taskani are something like his parents. Vector Prime was his creation, and Merissa considers herself and all other Vectors his granddaughters. wIkimus Maximus was created in his image.