Kid Anarky

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Kid Anarky is a net.hero/trenchcoater created by Stephane Savoie.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Stephane Savoie
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Net.Patrol, LNH ambassador to the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade
Usability: Not Reserved


Kid Anarky appeared unexpectedly on this plane of existence, with half-there memories and malfunctioning powers. He immediately hooked up with the Net.Patrol and joined their quest to find the Writer-with-Integrity.

Investigating the accusations that he was neglecting his wife and child (despite being a teenager), he went through a series of confused, chaotic adventures before learing that he had been brought to the Looniverse as an agent of the Lords of K.Oss. K.Oss ordered Kid Anarky to kill Deja Dude, seen as an agent of order and continuity in the LNH, but when Anarky defied the order, he was set free and given his memories back.

He became the de facto (no pun intended) leader of the Net.Patrol after Lost Cause Boy's death. At some point he became the LNH's liason to the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade, and joined them in battle against the Universal Office. The Net.Patrol slowly drifted apart, with Panta being retconned out of existence and Pliable Lad retiring from the LNH.


Calls himself extremely bitter and cynical, but is really just snarky. Has become more distraught ever since Panta's disappearance.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, had sonic powers. However, was "upgraded" into having uncontrollable chaos powers by the Lords of K.Oss.

When highly agitated, can summon a claymore and go berzerk, gaining mastery over its use and the ability to deal extreme damage – for a few seconds. After that, he completely loses all skill with it.


Looks about eighteen.

Originally, he wore a plain trenchcoat with a crudely-drawn A-in-a-circle badge on the lapel. After he lost it, though, Panta gave him a bright pink fuzzy trenchcoat. Underneath, he wears a blue and gray bodysuit.


Alt.ernate versions of Kid Anarky include Kid Monarky of Looniverse-Focalor.


According to Stephane Savoie, as revealed in the LNH Fifth Anniversary reflections, Kid Anarky's name was inspired by the Batman anti-villain Anarky and the semi-autobiographical comic Kid Anarchy. His original powers were a pun on Stephane Savoie's name; "sa voie" in French is "his/her/their voice". The original concept of Kid Anarky was that "A character with sonic powers (I have NO idea why called Kid Anarky) is depressed by the darkening of his universe (The vertigo line had just been created for DC, with many books getting correspondingly darker), and maked it to a brighter place, where he can only use his powers to create big visible sound effects (that maybe he can hit people with?)." Vertical Plain was a pun on his home dimension, the Vertigo Plane.

Monark was probably originally meant to be Kid Anarky's future self.