Tsar Chasm

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Tsar Chasm is a world-conqueror created by Ken Schmidt.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Kid G
Primary Writer: Ken Schmidt
Status: Unknown
Usability: Usable With Permission


The early history of the man known as Tsar Chasm is vague, even to him. His childhood memories mostly consist of reading in the library and avoiding people. As a teenager, he took odd jobs at universities, reading research notes until he couldn't learn any more from that school, then moving on to the next, gradually coming to believe that the best way for everyone to learn what they needed was for him to take everything over.

Tsar Chasm's first foray against the LNH involved having his agents, Webster and Webs Tor, infiltrate the LNHQ, turn the LNHers against each other, and steal some relatively worthless files, just to show that he could.

In The Great Public Domain Caper <he did stuff> including hiring Bart Sears, Lester O'Brien, and Kyoko Ishikawa as receptionists.

<More stuff happened and> He realized that forcing everyone to submit to his will, even for their own good, wasn't the right thing to do.

<He had more good interactions with the LNH and> Eventually, he became so used to these interactions that when The Three Day Lull hit, he swung by the LNHQ out of sheer boredom. Interacting with the net.heroes on an everyday level, through pranks, books and movies, meals, and mere conversation, gave him an unexpected emotional boost, and he realized he hadn't felt really happy or helpful in a while. He left Invisible Incendiary a gift, and went back to his base to think...

<History as Kid G>

When the Master of the Net attempted to brainwash everyone on Usenet, Tsar Chasm decided he certainly couldn't let someone else control the Net, and showed up with the Webs to stop him.

In Looniverse Adrift!, he teamed up with the LNH to stop an attack by the cosmic being known as Master Workload on the Looniverse as a whole. (And by "teamed up" we mean "pre-emptively kidnapped several of them".) He moved his pieces around, taking Workload's pawns, drawing him into the Internet RACelestial Complex and revealing his plans to other cosmic entities. Unfortunately, he had miscalculated, and while the great clash of cosmic powers saved the Looniverse, it appeared that he had died in the crossfire.

But at the end of Looniverse Adrift!, Kid G returned.

<Relationship with Panta>

In 1997, he returned, claiming that some mysterious contract obligated him to make three attempts to conquer the Net within a five-year span. Despite mysterious attempts at preparation for this, no such attack was ever made (unless it all happened off-panel). He did, however, meet up with Mouse, sort-of helping her take down King Konquerer's henchman school, and going on more than one impromptu "date" with her. Their relationship since then has been kept mostly off-panel, but it's known that, at the very least, they keep in close touch.

Since then, the Tsar has shown up a few times, taking charge in one cascade or another and preventing anyone else from taking over the Loonivearth.


Outwardly, smug and superior, though this can be broken through by the few people he has a soft spot for. Honestly wants to make the world better, which causes him to drift into heroic behavior more often than he'd like to admit.

Powers and Abilities

Tsar Chasm is able to take command of any situation. His power allows him to use mockery to make others feel insecure or inferior, and his personal charisma makes him a natural leader.

He commands vast technological resources, and can store a selection of artificial powersets, including Projector, Teleporter, and Deflector.


Blond hair, green eyes. When fully dressed, wears shiny blue Armor of Dramatic Poses with a royal blue Constantly Billowing Cape. In his off-time, wears comfortable clothes; usually, a t-shirt and blue jeans. As Kid G, wore <a thing>.


Friendship/rivalry/possible romantic involvement with Mouse. His ex-sidekicks include Webster and Webs Tor.


Tsar Chasm won Accies:Favorite Villain a total of seven times, as is appropriate for a villain of his grandeur.