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The Dvandom Stranger is a mysterious advice-giver created by Dave Van Domelen. See also all the other Strangers.
Alter Ego: Dave van Domelen
Aliases: Dial "D" for Dvandom
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Actively mysterious
Usability: Not Reserved


Dial "D" for Dvandom was Dave Van Domelen's Writer Character, who used the amazing power of the Dvandom Dial to create a great number of LNH heroes and villains. But during Electrocutioner's Song, he was retconned out of existence.

To fix this, during the Bellerophon Gambit, Acton Lord pulled him out of "real life" and back into the net. Together, they restored the origins of all the Dialed characters, but then Acton Lord stole the Dvandom Dial and attempted to use its power (and that of the Pega.SYS) to reach the Source Code. When he failed, the Dial overheated, its molten remains dripping onto Dave's staff, and he arose as the Dvandom Stranger.

Since then, he has walked the length and breadth of the Looniverse, giving advice and protecting the integrity of Looniversal reality from those who would threaten it.

It was later revealed that that the Bellerophon Gambit was actually Dave's initiation into Strangerhood, and Acton Lord was but a pawn.


One of those cryptic, mysterious advice-givers.

Powers and Abilities

Mysterious and conveniently vague powers over reality and the plot. As a Stranger, he is bound by the Stranger's Oath to preserve the Drama of the Story.

He carries the Editorial Staff, made of Ebon Unobtanium (very, very black). This staff holds great reality-altering powers, and can be used to kill Revampires.


Wears a black trenchcoat over a black T-shirt and black jeans, with black walking shoes, a black fedora, and black wraparound shades (over thick glasses).


Mostly keeps to himself, as he is always fated to be... a Stranger. (And to announce this whenever he shows up anywhere.)

Alternate universe counterparts include the deceased Dvandom Stranger of the Legion of Occult Heroes's world and the Van Damme Stranger of the Oddballverse.