Social Justice Defender

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The Social Justice Defender is a net.hero created by Jay Leigh Volk.
Alter Ego: Patrick Chester Peterson
Aliases: PC Person, Politically Correct Person, Diceman, Non-Binary
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Free For Use


Patrick Chester Peterson was a young person living a pretty normal suburban-upper-middle-class life— until a fatherly death that revealed that said father had been a hero of the Alien Internet of Hwuau, come to this planet under the persona of Asterisk to fix the balance of the net.elements! Patrick had inherited those net.elemental powers, and fashioned a net.hero identity, set against the arguments of the worst people online – PC Person!

PC Person's first on-panel appearance was in a post that seems to have disappeared, wherein Lurking Girl was turned into The Lurking One. The aforementioned Person altered reality with the PC Pulse, but after being slapped around a bit by Ultimate Ninja, was accepted into the LNH.

During the extremely weird resolution of Quest for Cheeze, Flying.Altogether.Too.Naked.Villain turned PC Person into the Diceman, the foul-mouthed misogynistic opposite of everything tolerant. Though the effect wore off not long after, the persona would resurface more than once, to PC Person's continual irritation.

PC Person served as a member of the LNH for quite a while, clashing with Master Blaster, opposing Self-Righteous Preacher's emotionally violent deprogramming of Contraption Man, and diplomatically handling natives of other worlds and talking body parts alike. During the Infinite Leadership Crisis, PC Person tried to clean up the Legion, but ended up shrinking tortoises just in the nick of time.

However, pushing for so long took its toll, the Flame building and building within PC Person before exploding out in rage, resulting in a temporary transformation into the cosmically powerful Non-Binary. The Core LNH helped with stepping back from the edge, and the truth came out – PC Person was not a man, but a person of non-binary gender, and had felt stymied in expressing this. Aster began using asterself pronouns, and decided to change asters identity and MO, becoming the Social Justice Defender.


Well-meaning and brave. Often comes off as annoying or nitpicky. Can be deeply empathetic, but when potentially offensive things come up, often won't take the hint that it's the wrong time to point out how offensive they are. Speaks with fussy precision.

Uses asterself pronouns: aster/aster/asters/asterself.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, the ability to point out the potential offensiveness of language and means of expression, wherever it may lurk.

Has the ability to absorb net.elements and release them in different forms (notably, absorbing Flame and releasing Discourse); however, this has rarely been used. In first appearance, channeled these powers thru the PC Pulse device to alter reality.


An androgynous person with neat hair and a loudly inoffensive outfit.