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Beige Countdown is a spin-off series from the Infinite Leadership Crisis multi-writer event. It depicts the year between Infinite Leadership Crisis and Beige Midnight.

The ideas for the series were developed by Arthur Spitzer, Lalo Martins, Martin Phipps, Saxon Brenton, and Rob Rogers, and the series was written by Arthur, Lalo, Martin, and Rob (with a sentence by Dave Van Domelen). The numbering of the series counts down (eh? eh?), starting at issue number twelve and ending with issue number zero.

Skipped Issues

Beige Countdown #8 and #4-2 have been skipped; Rob hasn't finished #8, and #4-2 haven't been claimed by any writer. These issues may eventually be posted, but it's not necessary for a reader to read them in order to understand Beige Countdown.


In 2008, issue #10 won RACCies:Favorite Single Issue.

The Series

The New Triumvirate

Beige Countdown Prologue

An Important Public Service Announcement!: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

Irony Man and Billy the Butterfly Magic Kid do a public service announcement about the LNH Registration Act!

Beige Countdown #12

The New Triumvirate: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

A mysterious Beige Clock Tower appears in the middle of Net.ropolis! The Ultimate Ninja is charged with the murder of wReamicus Maximus, and in the wake of this and the events of Infinite Leadership Crisis, decides to resign temporarily from being LNH leader. A Triumvirate is officially created to lead in his stead, made up of Catalyst Lass, Fearless Leader, and Irony Man.

Beige Countdown #11

Knight to Bishop to King: Written by Arthur Spitzer, Lalo Martins, and Martin Phipps.

President Hexadecimal Luthor (AKA the Beige King of the HexFire Club) reveals to Irony Man that wReamicus Maximus is still alive, with his brain inside an Ultimate Ninja clone – a clone used to kill wReamicus Maximus's brainless body and frame the Ultimate Ninja!

Fearless Leader discovers a plot by the Legion of Net.Villains to free prisoners from a prison in deep space called the Ultimate Black Hole, which supposedly holds the worst of the Looniverse's worst. The Triumvirate picks the Ultimate Ninja to lead a team of heroes to stop them. The Ultimate Savior is revealed to be alive, as the Ebony Knight of the Hexfire Club!

The Ultimate Black Hole

Beige Countdown #10

Who Stole The Stars And Put Them In Your Eyes?: Written by Rob Rogers.

A team of LNH'rs led by the Ultimate Ninja chase down a space ship filled with members of the Legion of Net.Villains led by Mynabird. They catch up with them and have a big fight in space.

Betterman's Last Flight

Written by Rob Rogers

Beige Countdown #9

The Created and the Damned: Written by Rob Rogers

Beige Countdown #8

Beige Countdown #8: Not yet written by Rob Rogers

The Election

Beige Countdown Special

Debate This!: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

McLaughlin Man moderates a debate between the LNHers running for leadership.

Beige Countdown #7

The Last Dance: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

The heroes are back from their space mission, and the Ultimate Ninja is in prison (due to breaking his bail agreement, which forbade him from leaving the city of Net.ropolis). Manga Man and Hex Luthor decide to sacrifice their pawn, to destroy Fearless Leader's chance to win the leadership election, and put Irony Man on the throne!

Beige Countdown #6

[the Next Leader of the LNH is...]: Written by Arthur Spitzer and Martin Phipps.

Irony Man becomes the Beige Knight of the HexFire Club, while Hex Luthor does everything he can to destroy the other candidates for leadership of the LNH! Hex reveals that Catalyst Lass is now under the control of the Hexfire Club, thanks to the mind-controlling powers of the Mister Tiddles, the evil housecat, and a Freedom Chip that was put in her brain. His plan to stop the the Bryttle Brothers involves implanting Freedom Chips in the brains of billions of people the world over!

Irony Man goes on a date! Ultimate Ninja vs. Irony Man! And the Ninja goes free – or does he!?

Beige Countdown #5

[Bicycle in the River]: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

Bicycle Repair Lad, Hex Luthor's greatest arch-enemy, is framed and sent to one of Hex Luthor's secret prisons!

The 'Don't Know What Happens Here'

Beige Countdown #4

Beige Countdown #4: Skipped

Beige Countdown #3

Beige Countdown #3: Skipped

Beige Countdown #2

Beige Countdown #2: Skipped

The Conclusion

Beige Countdown #1

[the Palm of the HeartThrob]: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

The Ultimate Ninja breaks free from his dreamlike prison, and seeks revenge on those that put him there!

Beige Countdown #0

[Book of Deus ex Machinas!]: Written by Arthur Spitzer (with a sentence by Dave Van Domelen).

Occultism Kid finds the Book of Deus ex Machinas, and discovers that Dekay and Diskolor, the cosmic entitles known as the Bryttle Brothers, are actually trapped inside the book! Bart the Dark Receptionist steps in! The Ring of Retcon! The Insanity Gauntlet! And the Cosmic Plot Device!!


The end of Beige Countdown lead straight into the senses-shattering event known as Beige Midnight!