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"This is an ELSEWHIRL...
"Aren't they all?"
(Well except Dvandom Force and.. umm nevermind)
JONG #69, "Who Cares About Tomorrow's Drool?"

Elsewhirls are stories that take place outside normal continuity! Since we can't put them on the normal timelines, here's a list of as many as we can dig up, tho it's likely we're missing some.

For the purposes of the wiki, an Elsewhirl is defined as any standalone story that doesn't fit cleanly into the continuity of an existing imprint... plus anything explicitly labeled as an Elsewhirl, because we're not gonna argue with the original author, that'd be rude!

Title Issues Author Notes
Alternate Darkness Stranger Tales #3-6 Dave Van Domelen This story's world was later designated Looniverse-AD.
Are You Feeling Lucky, Punks? Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #38 Saxon Brenton A Misanthropic Tale of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade.
The Blood Scrawled Crystal Skull of The Namer Boy Documentary Project The Namer Boy Documentary Project: Season Four #4 Arthur Spitzer The narrative leaves it open as to whether this was an alternate timeline prevented by time travel, or a menacing vision meant to warn those who might take a dark path.
The B-Movie Teenage Romance Thing Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #58 Saxon Brenton A world where everyday people are robots, and humans are frightening menaces.
Crossing States World Tales #16 Jamas Enright Features an alternate path for Special Bonding Boy.
The Discontinuous Adventures of Starlit Mansions One-shot Jamie Rosen Its position in continuity is ambiguous, which frankly, feels right.
Easily-Discovered Man Lite vs. Continuity Champ One-shot Rob Rogers Rob fixes up continuity while goofing around with his own mistakes.
FUSION! Stranger Tales #7 Dave Van Domelen Part of the Grand Tour crossover with Superguy.
Girls' Night Out One-shot Martin Phipps Very silly.
Golden LNH-Men Golden LNH-Men #1-7, The Fate of Familiar, The Trial of Deluge, LNH-Men: The Silver Age #1-6 Jeff McCoskey and Peter Milan This story's world was later designated Looniverse-Mammon.
Hell's Titans Hell's Titans -6 to 0, -18 to -16 Jesse Willey This story's world was revealed as the origin of the Headhunters.
A Kiwi Carol One-shot Ian Porell- A Christmas goof featuring Classic LNH characters out of continuity.
Net.Hero Academia One-shot Jeanne Morningstar A proposed beginning for a new LNH imprint.
The One True Dave LNH Comics Presents #4-6, Special #1 Ken Schmidt Inspired by Scales of Justice.
Retcon Midnight Retcon Midnight #1-5, Sourcebook Mike Escutia, Russ Allbery, David Anastasion, and Jeff Barnes This story's world was later designated Looniverse-RM.
Ruined Forever! Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #10 (second part) Saxon Brenton Takes place in a mid-destruction variation on the Classic Looniverse.
The Stars Are Wrong Stranger Tales #1-2 Dave Van Domelen Features the backstory of the Loonivearth seen in Legion of Occult Heroes #4.
The Syrup of the Gods One-shot Arthur Spitzer, Rob Rogers and Scott Eiler Features elements of the Classic LNH, the Superhuman World, and Ripping Off King Arthur.
Tempest One-shot Matt "Badger" Rossi A prototype of Badger's critically-acclaimed OMEGA series Tempest. Takes place on Deadmeat Earth.
What If Kid Kirby Had Died During the Comics Connection? One-shot Jameel al Khafiz An "events diverge" story branching off from, naturally, The Comics Connection.
What if Myabird had been so Bad Ass during Beige Midnight that he had killed Ultimate Ninja, Captain Continuity, and Kid Kirby without even trying? Beige Midnight #9 Arthur Spitzer, Saxon Brenton and Mynabird An in-story alternate narrative created by Mynabird using the seeds of the Elsewhirlyen Tornado Plant.
Who Cares About Tomorrow's Drool...? JONG #69 Arthur Spitzer Non-Judgmental Agnostic's home timeline, later designated Looniverse-69.

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