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Retcon Hour was a Classic LNH crossover that started on June 28, 1994 and ended September 8, 1994. Complicated, ridiculous and all over the place, it was one of the biggest LNH crossovers ever.

The Plot

In order to confuse the LNH, the Time Crapper was creating alternate timelines and allowing them to exist simultaneously. Amongst other things, this resulted in multiple versions of Myk-El and Squalor. It was revealed that Acton Lord had been responsible for Myk-El turning evil in the first place, and thus, some of the alternate Myk-Els were evil and some were good.

In order to stop TC, Entity arranged a RACCelestial Madonna Pageant, which would choose the RACCelestial Madonna to gain the power to defeat the Time Crapper. Knowing that he'd be defeated by the RACCelestial Madonna, the post-Cry.Sig version of the Time Crapper tried to prevent the Pageant, but was defeated by Decibel Dude and Panta.

The pre-Cry.Sig version of TC was oblivious to all this: he was busy trying to coerce Contraption Man into creating a machine capable of shaping time as he saw fit. However, Contraption Man was under the influence of wReamicus Maximus, having been kidnapped between panels in Jungle Cheesecake and brainwashed into being an Acolyte of Dfandom. wReamicus Maximus reasoned that the LNH would try to recover the Ring of Retcon as a means of stabilizing time, and laid in wait for that eventuality; he told his Acolyte to play along with TC, but stall rather than build his machine.

Sure enough, Continuity Champ Junior, working with his fellow Generation Y-ers, managed to retrieve the Ring of Retcon. wReamicus Maximus sent the Legion of Unliving Legionnaires against Gen Y and stole the ring. When wReamicus put on the ring, he started making retcons right and left. This then got the attention of the RACCtre, who gathered up heroes to defeat him.

Meanwhile, VAMMO Woman was crowned RACCelestial Madonna and teamed up with one of the variant Myk-Els to defeat TC I and II. They then proceeded to join the other heroes in defeating wReamicus Maximus. With wReamicus defeated, VAMMO Woman used her power as RACCelestial Madonna to recover continuity... with the stipulation that the divergent, heroic Myk-El remain in this timeline and be her consort.

Retcon Hour ended with the introduction of two new subgroups, the Legion of Occult Heroes by Paul Hardy and Dvandom Force by Dave Van Domelen, and the promise of many future adventures for them and for the Legion!



Title Author
LNH Triple Play #4 Jeff McCoskey
Pliable Lad #21 Mike Escutia
Swordmaster and the Load Island Renegades #11 Badger
Generation Y #7 Martin Phipps
Constellation #30 Dave Van Domelen
Nicks of Time #1 Tick
System Corruptors #16 Badger & Jeff McCoskey
Generation Y #8 Martin Phipps
U-Force #8 Mystic Mongoose
Swordmaster and the Load Island Renegades #12 Badger
Swordmaster and the Load Island Renegades #0 Badger
Nicks of Time #2 Badger & Jeff McCoskey
Pliable Lad #22 Mike Escutia
Generation Y Annual #1 Jeff, Martin, & Mongoose
Retcon Happy Hour Paul Hardy
Omaha Project #16 Russ Allbery & David Anastasion
Errand Boy #6 Stirge
U-Force #9 Mystic Mongoose
Nicks of Time #3 Jeff McCoskey
Tales of the LNH #310 Hubert Bartels
LNH #88: This is Your Life! Martin Phipps
U-Force #10 Mystic Mongoose
Constellation #31 Dave Van Domelen
Unlikely Aliens #5 Scott Johnson
Pliable Lad #23-24 Mike Escutia
Unlikely Aliens #6 Scott Johnson
Surreal Tales #6 Patrick Gearman
Legion of Occult Heroes #0 Paul Hardy
Tales of the LNH #311 Hubert Bartels
Nicks of Time #4 Tick
LNH Comics Presents #21 Badger & Jeff McCoskey
Tales of the LNH #312 Hubert Bartels
Retcon Hour Omega Jeff McCoskey, Badger, Martin Phipps and the Mystic Mongoose
Decibel Dude & Vigilante Guy #0 Tick

Where to Read

The whole overcomplicated thing can be read on the Eyrie Archive over here.


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