History of the Looniverse

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The Looniverse has a long and storied history. Since the day Doctor Killfile attacked the LNH, a number of Writers have filled in the gaps. Retcons, however, often make the task of history scribing very difficult in an ever-changing Looniverse. The more popular ideas tend to remain and the lesser ones tend to disappear.

Look, now, on these landmark events...

(See also the History of Earth-20 and the Classic LNH Timeline.)

Beginning of the Universe

Hypertextian Age

  • Sword-and-sorcery adventures happen, with monsters and cursed swords and heroes and heroines who don't wear very much clothing. Due to mages experimenting with retcotheric energy (to disastrous effect), this era is erased from history; however, some things linger, its curses, entities and artifacts surviving into the present day even though they blatantly don't fit into the archaeological record.

Early Middle Ages


  • Robber-barons sponsor teams of engineers to build Steel Leviathans – steampunk giant robots – to tear apart each other's railroads. By luck and skill, the Load Ranger manages to take down two of these in passing.


  • During a battle of the Second Sino-Japanese War, a mysterious magical explosion takes place and Manga Man Gold is created.



  • The Cosmic Plot Device is stolen from the Cult by the Nazis, but disappears before Hitler can get his hands on it.





  • The career of the original Macroman begins.



  • The League of New-Wave Heroes is transformed into radio energy, not to be reconstituted for fifteen years. (Presumably, time-travel brings them back to about the same period.)


Late '80s